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RECs Keving Green Ed Balls is making unfair generalisations

REC’s Keving Green – “Ed Balls is making unfair generalisations about the UK recruitment industry.”

“There are issues that need to be dealt with around the enforcement of travel and subsistence schemes but Ed Balls is making unfair generalisations about the recruitment industry that cannot go unchallenged.

“Travel and subsistence dispensations began as perfectly legitimate schemes to help make sure mobile temporary workers weren’t left out of pocket for travel expenses. But the whole system has morphed into a mess. There’s confusion around how HMRC make decisions around granting the dispensation and it’s all very opaque.

“So now the market is being distorted by a few bad apples and the vast majority of recruitment agencies who play by the rules are being undercut by operators prepared to push the boundaries of legality to offer their clients cheaper labour. We hear complaints about this from our members all the time.

“The government has the power to fix this. HMRC need to do more to enforce the current rules and ensure that there is a level playing field for all agencies.

“Employers should be aware that if a deal looks too good to be true it probably is. They should audit their supply chains to ensure that agencies they are using do not misuse these schemes.”


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