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TEAM welcomes 30 new locations!

TEAM welcomes 30 new locations!

TEAM, The Employment Agents Movement, is pleased to announce that it has added 30 new locations to its network in the last three months.

One such location is that of in the North East, an online recruitment agency which enables employers and recruiters to directly search a web-based database of service leavers and ex-forces personnel.

Kenny Matheson, operations director, says: “MilitarySkills is actually a relatively new company and we’ve only been with TEAM for nine months. However, we have recently opened a new office in Wakefield, Yorkshire and, with our original office in Swindon, we can now better serve our clients on a nationwide basis.

“My colleague Stu Olden and I are ex military, and when we started, recruitment was fairly alien to us! As such, the support we’ve received from TEAM has been extremely beneficial, and it’s reassuring to know that they’re just a phone call away. We have also made some good contacts through the regional meetings, which we intend to develop to assist in the expansion of our business as well as add value to theirs.

“When it comes to advice, such as with any legal issues, it’s always good to hear what other recruiters have to say. They know where we’re coming from, and have always been willing to help out. I really feel that the money that we pay to be a TEAM member is good value. If you add everything up, we’d never have been able to afford all the benefits that we have received outside of the TEAM group.”

Another member is specialist technical recruitment agency, Bullion Recruitment. Tony Reid, Proprietor of Bullion Recruitment, says: “For us, the main attraction of TEAM was in terms of reductions. The savings that we can get from suppliers and partners is excellent, as is the access to job boards. We also find the documentation really helpful, and the website has such a wide range of useful information. The knowledge from everyone at TEAM is also fantastic, and if they don’t know the answers they know someone who does!”

Liz Longman, Managing Director of TEAM, says: “Some of our recent locations have been with us for a long time but have opened new offices, whilst others are new to TEAM, and often recruitment in general. We’re always happy to support our members however we can, and in turn they can offer advice to each other. They all have something to give, even new recruiters, as they can often bring in fresh ideas to the group. It’s fantastic to see so many new locations and  hear all the positive feedback from existing members.”


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