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Thought Leadership from Mark Beedles, Managing Director Connex Education.

Thought Leadership from Mark Beedles, Managing Director – Connex Education.

As the Managing Director of a recruitment agency that works exclusively within the education sector, I am always looking at the values of our company, ensuring that they empower everything we do.

We operate our company around the following values:

People – Service – Trust – Value – Innovation

One thing is for sure, our business model is a “people” business model and I hold great respect for all of my employees, and the challenges they face.

Like most business leaders, I am always considering motivational strategies for my staff. I believe in a community of thought and I believe in empowering people in my employment.

I have always been interested in the John Lewis Partnership as a visionary and successful way of doing business. This business model puts its partners at the centre of everything it does, therefore creating partners that are dedicated to serving their customers with all the values needed to create not just customer satisfaction, but customer delight.

The partners of John Lewis (81,000 of them) now own 39 John Lewis shops across the UK, 286 Waitrose supermarkets, and online catalogue business, a production unit and a farm with annual gross sales of over &pound8.7bn.

This approach appeals to me as a business leader who is looking to empower my employees. I find myself coming back to the same conclusion & lsquo;If you own the service proposition, you will enhance the service proposition.’

I believe that a company that shares the vision and shares the ROI, is a company that will not only survive, but also grow to become the leading example of tomorrow.

When the founder, John Spedan Lewis, set up the Partnership, he was careful to create a governance system, set out in the Constitution, that would be both commercial allowing them move quickly to stay ahead in a competitive industry, and democratic giving every Partner a voice in the business they co-own. His combination of commercial acumen and corporate conscience, so ahead of its time, is what makes them what we are today.

Although I believe our values are embedded into the fibre of our service proposition, I cannot help but consider this model as it would create reciprocity on a new scale.



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