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ADR Network Publishes Major Report on Agency Drivers

ADR Network Publishes Major Report on Agency Drivers

ADR Network has published what is believed to be the largest report on agency driving ever undertaken. The survey was based on the views of some 1,000 drivers drawn from across the operating sites of the business. The research was completed in the summer of 2012 with analysis and report writing launched soon after.

The research was undertaken in order to provide an understanding of the dynamics within the agency driver market place, from the perception of those who work within it.

As expected the age profile of the drivers’ showed that some 87% of drivers were in the 36-60 age group with only 8% of drivers younger than 36. This age profile is seen as being broadly representative of the sector which has a serious shortage of younger people entering the profession. ADR Network does however acknowledge that older drivers are often attracted to agency work because of the flexibility it can provide.

This need for flexibility need not necessarily mean shorter working weeks. The clear majority of drivers in the survey are keen to work 4 or more days per week.

One might expect that agency drivers would be in favour of the Agency Worker Regulations however 70% did not see any benefit in the regulations.

The issue of driver supervision was explored with the majority feeling that in their day to day duties drivers were largely unsupervised, suggesting that the professional nature of driving is perhaps underestimated by others.

On the topic of CPC training, at the time of the survey the majority of those surveyed had not started their training. Typical reasons cited were cost and older drivers planning to retire in the near future.

When it comes to recruiting drivers and perhaps other blue collar workers, the survey found that the most popular sources of new work are now the internet which has overtaken newspapers as being the prime information source.

Commenting on the survey ADR Network MD Andrew Waldron said: “We wanted to understand more about the world of agency driving from the perspective of the drivers themselves. For me there are two issues here that are probably linked. Firstly, that the role of drivers is perhaps underestimated in terms of just how much responsibility drivers have and secondly that we are just not attracting enough young people into the profession.”

The report has been used internally by ADR Network to mould its strategy for the next few years.

Commenting on the strategic importance of the survey to the business Waldron said: “We have decided to place considerable emphasis on the driver supply side of the equation and plan to open our own driving schools early in 2013. However, as an industry there is still much to be done to attract younger people into driving.

All the agencies need to unite in this.

We also need support from the Government and Schools when it comes to conveying the benefits of driving as a profession. It seems crazy that we have a pool of unemployed youngsters yet a shortage of people coming into the profession.”

The full report can be accessed online at:


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