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Doing what you have always done is a recipe for recruitment disaster by Sirona Says

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 01:43 AM PST

Kodak implode
Once upon a time there was a company that everyone used. Everyone knew them and they were very very successful indeed! People used them every day, new companies built their business around them and they made lots of money as well. They were synonymous with the industry they represented, and still have a wealth of patents and innovations that the likes of Google, Apple and Facebook are trying to get their hands on. 

They had it all. A great brand, products and a large market share. 

Then things changed.  

The mobile phone arrived, and with it so did the rise of the social networks. No problem they said, 'we have a great product, great brand, market share and people love us'. So they carried on doing what they always did. Sure they thought about changes, but why change what already works well - from their own perspective anyway

All around them innovation was happening, technological advances seemingly every week. New products and services were eroding market share week in week out, as new generations of people were now bypassing these 'great products' completely. 

New methods, tools, networks and delivery mechanisms were everywhere. Change was here, with no turning back.

The death was quick - too quick for such a great brand. Kodak were bankrupt.

Failure to recognise change, market demand, users changing methods of use, lower pricing models, widely adopted technological advances and peoples attitudes to the old ways of doing things brought the demise if such a great company. 

Now just think a minute

Recruitment agencies, ATS providers, recruiters, job boards, advertising agencies, recruitment software providers, interim consultants and other suppliers to the recruitment industry. 

Many big brands. Many long established brands. Many good products.

Isn't that what Kodak had?

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