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Insperity Announces Expansion of Recruiting Services

Insperity Announces Expansion of Recruiting Services

Array of Offerings Now Available to All Businesses

Insperity Inc has announced the expansion of its Recruiting Services offering as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with other Insperity products and services, making it available to all businesses. Backed by more than 26 years of experience, Insperity&trade Recruiting Services helps businesses fill positions based on a strong cultural fit, a commitment to finding high-quality candidates and a unique pricing model.

“Insperity clients have long relied on our experienced Recruiting Services professionals to find talent that fits their company’s culture and allows them to achieve strategic workforce goals,” said Mary Massad, Insperity Recruiting Services division president. “Our expertise and array of services is now available to any business that needs to fill mission-critical positions quickly with qualified candidates, resulting in recruitment-related savings and lower employee turnover.”

An important key to hiring the right person the first time is a strong cultural fit between an employer and the employee. Insperity’s proven recruiters familiarize themselves with a customer’s philosophy, mission and values in an effort to align a prospective hire to a company’s culture. This positive synergy not only provides for improved productivity, but it also plays a crucial role in increased employee retention.

Unlike other recruiting firms, the fees for Insperity Recruiting Services are based on the actual difficulty of filling a position, and not on what a company plans to pay the employee. In addition, the final 20 percent is not collected until the new hire has been employed for at least 90 days, further demonstrating Insperity’s commitment to quality by ensuring the person is the right fit for the organization.

InsperityTM Recruiting Services, which helps place an average of 4,000 candidates annually, handles as many or as few of the recruiting duties required by a company. Its offerings are tailored to specific needs, from managing the entire recruitment process for one position or every position in an organization to supplementing the current recruiting processes with training, background checks, employment branding or pre-employment assessments.

Insperity recruiters are partners in a company’s growth strategy, helping customers reduce turnover, save money and quickly ramp up employment when needed. Expansion of Recruiting Services to provide stand-alone solutions is a natural extension of Insperity’s comprehensive array of business performance solutions, empowering employers with the resources necessary to reach their long and short-term workforce goals.



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