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Thought Leadership: Mark Beedles, MD Connex Education.

Thought Leadership: Mark Beedles, MD– Connex Education.

The core of a brand:

A few weeks back, I wrote an article about “Hiring for attitude”, a philosophy that I and my management team at Connex Education feel very passionate about.  Whilst this is our preferred recruitment strategy, this is also at the heart of our brand.

Working within the education sector means that as a supplier of professionals to schools and academies, we absolutely must know our brand values and live them through our 7 P’s of marketing, and not just our brand strategy.  Our values are at the core of what we deliver and how we deliver it.

The 7 P’s that are followed by marketing orientated companies are:

Product/Service –Place (or distribution channels) –Price – Promotions (or communications) – People – Processes – Physical evidence

In order to ensure your values are embedded into your marketing, it is vital that they are a part of the 7 P’s of marketing and not only known throughout your organisation, but lived through the people you hire, the suppliers you use and the charities that you support.  This total and rounded understanding of the core of your brand enables a clear communication message out to your markets.

Obviously I am not going to give away my own branding and 7 P’s framework, as this is unique to Connex Education, but I would urge any organisation no matter how small to ensure they understand the core of their brand/s and then build up the 7 P’s paradigm, it offers direction and drive when planning for growth within your organisation.


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