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Will our global job site help to bring skilled workers back to the UK? YES!

“Will our global job site help to bring skilled workers back to the UK?” “YES!”

Over the last 5 years British born skilled workers have left the UK in their droves.

“There are now 3.247 million British-born people living abroad, of whom more than 1.1 million are highly-skilled university graduates,” Telegraph. The reason for this mass exodus has mainly been due to the British Tax laws, non-competitive salaries, lack of career progression and job instability. Seeking a better life abroad has meant many skilled workers have left families and friends behind in search of a better standard of living. Why does the UK have difficulty retaining our best assets?

The UK marketplace needs to be continuously “topped up” with global potential. If the UK is unable to attract skilled labour we may continue to lose our footings. Ways to bring back the talent is to give them the opportunity of a secure and well paid position.Stop the penning pinching and look for the longer term plan.

HR departments need to make the vacancies attractive right from the off, maintain a positive working environment with results orientated bonuses, (sensible ones!), along with engaging staff in in-house social communities and activities, especially within middle to larger sized organisations. Home grown talent is a great way to build on the skillset foundations but training and education will all be lost to other countries if the UK is unable to be competitive on the world stage.

Building a Global platform that spans across 42 sectors and translates to 65 languages is a good start right.

“Let’s bring them home!

“Worldwide exposure and inclusion is essential if we are going to fight back, bring them home.” Suzie Tobias. MD.


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