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Big Results To Little Industry Survey

Big Results To Little Industry Survey

Throughout 2012 recruiters responded to Colleague Software’s& lsquo;Little Recruitment Software Survey’ ranking their satisfaction on the functionality and services of an array of recruitment system providers and commenting on how they would like to see recruitment software improve throughout the year.  

The survey asked how likely would the respondent be to recommend their current recruitment software application to a friend or colleague on a scale to one (never) to ten (definitely). The results revealed a highly polarised split between those who were very happy to recommend their provider (24.1% put 10) and those who would never recommend their provider (25.3% put 1) with the remaining 50% being spread relatively evenly across the scale.

The survey also asked respondents whether they were satisfied with the services and functionality related to their current recruitment software provider and gave the options of & lsquo;Yes,’ & lsquo;No’ or & lsquo;Not Applicable.’ 

Respondents were mostly satisfied, by a clear majority, with applicant tracking (64.6%), cost (62.8%), usability (61.5%), email integration (60.3%), and the record / history keeping functionality (75.3%) of their recruitment system - these & lsquo;nuts and bolts’ being a standard across the industry.

Respondent’s opinions on aspects of their software was polarised. A slim majority were satisfied with:

- User and technical support (50% said Yes. 38.5% said No. 11.5% said NA)
- Search functionality (59.5% said Yes. 31.6% said No. 8.9% said NA)
- Diary (55.1% said Yes. 25.6% said No. 19.2% said NA)
- Candidate Sourcing (58.4% said Yes. 32.5% said No. 9.1% said NA)

The following received more positive than negative responses. However significant numbers were not satisfied or did not see these features and/services as relevant to their recruitment database needs:

- Job Posting (48.1% said Yes. 28.6% said No. 23.4% said NA)
- Training (44.3% said Yes. 39.2% said No. 16.5% said NA)
- Reports / Analytics (46.7% said Yes. 36% said No. 17.3% said NA)
- Cloud Integration (37.2% said Yes. 28.2% said No. 34.6% said NA)
- Back Office Services (39%% said Yes. 32.5% said No. 28.6% said NA)
- Third Party Software Integration (36.8% said Yes. 30.3% said No. 32.9% said NA)
- CV Parsing. (39.7% said Yes. 34.6% said No. 25.6% said NA)

Interestingly, when it came to satisfaction with their system’s Cloud based offering and its third party integration options, more respondents answered not applicable than unsatisfied.

Respondents were mostly unsatisfied with the ability of their recruitment system to integrate with social media (42.3% said No, 32.1% said Yes whilst 25.6% said NA) and email marketing integration (41.6% said No, 20.8% said Yes, 37.7% said NA). Additionally satisfaction with software’s ability to integrate with a website was evenly split at 33.8% Yes and No, with 32.5% saying NA.

Respondents were also given a chance to provide more details on how they would like to see recruitment software change and improve during 2012. Comments included,

“Like to see a provider offering the full 360 package as a one stop shop and more transparency on websites about what packages actually can do.”

“I’d like my software to work more like social media and be more interactive with my candidates.”

“I would like to see full integration across the marketing mix and reporting. My database needs to be able to track web candidates, integrate into social media and email marketing and be able to report back effectively and quickly.”

“Integration into Microsoft applications, generally I want my recruitment software to be at one with my computer, not at war!”

“Legislative changes, streamlined functionality, social media measurement, candidate profile automated searching and collation, passive candidate sourcing.”

“Someone who gets the basics right put's the customer first and provides good support.”

“More automation and integration!”

To participate in the Little Recruitment Software Survey 2013head to the Colleague website.


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