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Blank and EMSI Release Top Jobs for 2013 and EMSI Release Top Jobs for 2013

Despite the continued economic challenges in the UK and other global markets, there are still areas of job growth.  CareerBuilder and Economic Modelling Specialists (EMSI) have released the best jobs by industry for 2013 based on occupations with the most jobs added since 2009.  The study uses EMSI’s rich labour market database, which pulls from nine major UK sources, including the Business Register Employment Survey (BRES) and Labour Force Survey (LFS).

“While the job market remains competitive across the UK, job seekers should adjust their skills to fit with the industries that are hiring,” said Tony Roy, President of CareerBuilder EMEA.  “It isn’t surprising that health care and IT are on the list and continue to add workers, as they have throughout the economic downturn, however, it is encouraging to see positions in sales, customer service, marketing, and professional & technical services coming back in better numbers.”

Top jobs by select industries in the UK since 2009 include:


Healthcare practice managers – 4,964 jobs added since 2009, 25% growth

Physiotherapists – 7,718 jobs added since 2009, 24% growth

Dental nurses – 8,622 jobs added, 20% growth


IT strategy and planning professionals – 16,196 jobs added since 2009, 14% growth

Computer engineers, installation and maintenance – 3,210 jobs added, 8% growth

Software professionals – 20,154 jobs added, 6% growth

Sales and Customer Service

Collector salespersons and credit agents – 3,945 jobs added since 2009, 70% growth

Call centre agents/operators – 20,166 jobs added, 23% growth

Customer care -- 6,287 jobs added, 5% growth

Advertising and Market Research

Advertising and public relations managers – 13,594 jobs added since 2009, 35% growth

Marketing associate professionals – 29,420 jobs added, 27% growth

Market research interviewers – 4,842 jobs added, 22% growth

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Chartered and certified accountants – 30,815 jobs added since 2009, 25% growth

Solicitors and lawyers, judges and coroners – 9,428 jobs added, 9% growth

General office assistants/clerks – 18,639 jobs added, 3% growth

*Data and analysis from this post comes from EMSI's UK database and Analyst, EMSI’s web-based data analysis tool. Source: EMSI Covered Employment – 2012.1


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