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MBN Recruitment launches the MBN Academy and MBN Consilium

MBN Recruitment launches the MBN Academy and MBN Consilium

MBN Recruitment is one of the UK’s leading technology and business insight recruiters and it is based right here in Scotland. Unlike many other recruiters, MBN has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years and this has allowed the business to accelerate its strategy and move into two key areas for the future.

“We are increasingly being asked to help our clients to solve complex staffing and resource issues beyond just finding them new recruits” said Michael Young, MBN’s Chief Executive, “we’re being asked to help interpret strategy and facilitate thinking in respect of future talent needs for both short term changes in our clients’ businesses and also their long term strategic needs”.

The MBN response has been to finesse its own strategy and now sees the business launching its own Academy to equip MBN staff and advisors with the necessary skills to fulfil a wide range of & lsquo;people solution’ based activities.

“We recognise our own people are the key to our growth. We also recognise that with our Academy programme, we will enhance our staff beyond their current skill set and equip them with the necessary competencies to spend time helping to meet our clients’ unmet needs whether tactical or strategic” To support this move, MBN have started a process of recruiting more dedicated advisors who will spend time working within the core business of MBN whilst helping to identify clients’ strategic people issues.

As part of these exciting new changes to the business, MBN have doubled the size of their Glasgow headquartered offices and are in the process of opening a London Office.

“Being Glasgow based is important for us and we have no intention of moving our headquarters out of Scotland, but many of our clients are large listed or global businesses and so it has become important for us to have a presence in London”.

In addition to the Academy, MBN have launched MBN Consilium that will focus exclusively on helping clients to undertake activities such as staff development programmes, assessment centres, psychometric testing and workforce engagement activities.

“Consilium is a new venture for us which is based on the extensive skills of the non recruitment based senior staff and executives we have in our business who have many years experience of providing strategic advice to businesses undergoing dramatic or radical change. We are using this together with our Academy to ensure we are ideally positioned to work with clients on a range of important people based issues and ultimately to ensure we can deliver the very best solutions to our client base”.

MBN Consilium will initially comprise a small cadre of expert advisors who have spent many years working with large and complex businesses on a range of change driven issues. This team will be enhanced as MBN grow and will provide a range of services including:

Transaction Advisory – Providing pre and post deal support to corporates, funds and other connected parties in respect of people and resource issues the business may face as a result of the transaction.

Assessment Activities – Providing expert facilitation of assessment centres and related activities to ensure that the people who look good on paper stand close scrutiny in the work place and thus help mitigate recruitment mistakes for senior hires.

Talent Advisory – Providing guidance, support and methodology to enhance talent management and senior staff development programmes for our client base. Working closely with our clients, we will & lsquo;craft’ bespoke solutions to ensure that they are an employer of choice in their chosen field.


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