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Outsourcing company triumphs in bad weather

Outsourcing company triumphs in bad weather

It’s been business as usual during the snowy weather conditions at outsourcing company InsideOut thanks to their disaster recovery plan.

For many businesses across the UK, the snow has caused costly disruption with staff unable to get into work, but at InsideOut they been operating as normal because their disaster recovery plan (DR) lets them provide all their services virtually.

As Paris Sheppard, InsideOut Director, said, & lsquo;With the snow and floods becoming a common occurrence, we’ve implemented a virtual desktop and server environment that means as an organisation we are not reliant on being in the office.’

As the weather worsened last week InsideOut activated their DR plan.

& lsquo;All of the team were logged into their desktop at home where they could access emails and our business critical applications.’ said Sheppard. & lsquo;And because we had installed a VOIP phone system it redirected calls to our mobiles and home landlines. Using the internet management tool meant we could also transfer calls to other work colleagues as if they were in the office.’

InsideOut developed their DR plan last year in preparation for this type of event. It’s crucial for an outsourcing organisation to carry out their services without disruption because it significantly impacts upon their clients ability to function.

For InsideOut and its sister company Eden, who also work to the same DR plan, the exercise was a huge success and demonstrated their ability to continue operating seamlessly.

& lsquo;We want to make sure our clients receive a consistent service regardless of the weather, and with this DR plan we achieved that,’ added Sheppard.

With snow and bad weather costing British industry billions of pounds every year, it’s imperative that organisations have a workable disaster recovery plan in place to keep business operating.


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