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REC response to de Poels launch of Tempo

REC response to de Poel’s launch of Tempo

The REC has received comments and concerns from members since de Poel’s plans for Tempo were unveiled last year and has conducted surveys and member meetings to gather direct feedback on the issue.

In response to the launch of de Poel’s Tempo initiative this week REC chief executive Kevin Green says:

“We’re really pleased to see de Poel have stated that membership of Tempo will be entirely voluntary for agencies, a major shift from the language they were using last year and a clear public pledge that the REC intends to hold them to.

“However we still have concerns about whether Tempo genuinely has the interests of recruitment agencies at heart. It intends to represent both clients and agencies to government but agencies will be charged whilst clients pay nothing. Precise details and costs of the tempo auditing process remain unclear particularly around the &pound250 charge for additional audits.

“From our conversations with employers it’s apparent to us that the Tempo initiative has not been driven by client demand. We have spoken to big employers, many of whom work with de Poel, and not one has endorsed the concept of compulsory Tempo membership, which will give REC members confidence going forward.

“The REC will continue to stay in contact with our members and de Poel clients to see how the Tempo initiative develops.”


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