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Take Advantage Of Strengthening Conditions Says Outsauce

Take Advantage Of Strengthening Conditions Says Outsauce

Recruitment outsourcing specialist Outsauce launches guide to debunk myths around setting up and running an agency

“The conditions right now are ripe for entrepreneurs”, says Miles Lloyd, CEO of Outsauce. “The risk-averse risk missing out.”

Miles, an experienced senior recruitment agency executive and non-exec director of The Recruitment Society, is bullish on the recruitment market: “As the recent Office of National Statistics Business Demography Report reveals, fewer and fewer employment agencies are closing down – a sure sign the industry is returning to its former strength.

“Fewer agencies may have started up last year than in 2010, but when viewed in this context, to us this shouts & lsquo;gaps in the market’. The opportunities are certainly there for those willing to make the leap, and in reality it’s never been easier to start up a new recruitment business.”

Coinciding with its CEO’s optimistic outlook, Outsauce has launched a guide to setting up a recruitment agency. The Recruiters’ Toolkit contains ten practical strategies and insights for those thinking about, starting or growing their recruitment business.

“As you might expect, it explains the challenges of setting up – but also dispels some of the myths and helps fledgling business owners to navigate the pitfalls,” said Miles. “It sets the record straight on the cost of going it alone, while putting into context the financial risks involved and providing practical guidance around the basics of starting up alone.”

The Recruiters’ Toolkit also deals frankly with the upfront workload involved – but highlights the time and money saving opportunities available, with invaluable tips on how to free up resources to focus on business development and increase profit margins longer term.


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