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10 years of struggling to recruit technology skills and nothing has changed, says Darwin Recruitment

10 years of struggling to recruit technology skills and nothing has changed, says Darwin Recruitment.

The Grant Thornton IBR report shows firms being held back due to problems recruiting the right technology skills – the data is new but the message is not says Darwin.

The latest data collected by Grant Thornton together with their research partner Experian, shows little change in firms desperate need to recruit technology workers. The report showed that the shortage of technical skills is an EU-wide problem with 68 per cent of European employers stating it was a significant recruitment challenge, while globally slightly fewer recruiters (64 per cent) said it was an issue.

The findings are based on 6,400 CEO responses where archive data over the last 10 years shows results to be fairly consistent. The data is collected quarterly by telephone interview across a range of public and privately owned businesses. “While the data is similar, over the decade the need has become even more acute” says Paul Kirby joint founder and CEO of Darwin Recruitment.

Almost a fifth of UK employers expect their 2013 growth plans to be curtailed by a shortage of skills but this is not just a UK problem. “Right across Europe our clients are facing the same uphill challenge of getting good skills on board to produce new products and to create the platforms on which to launch them from. We show our clients how by looking beyond national borders this gives them a bigger pool in which to fish from”, says Kirby.

Annual data taken from the Eurostats collection on employment in technology and knowledge-intensive sectors demonstrates how the pool of technology workers can be significantly increased by taking a regional approach.

Darwin opened its first office in Amsterdam in 2011 and Zurich in 2012 with plans to open further offices in its 8 core territories in the next three years.


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