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3 consecutive years 3 star Best Companies accreditation for SME Timothy James Consulting

3 consecutive years 3 star Best Companies’ accreditation for SME Timothy James Consulting

Caring Company Timothy James Consulting shares the secret to success

Senior Appointments specialist Timothy James Consulting (TJC) was once again recognised in the highest category available to British businesses by Best Companies. CEO of TJC, Chris O’Connell, shares his Top Tips as to the art of employee engagement and why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not only a modern key term but the backbone of a good business model.

“Ideally a modern SME will engage its professional community in the development of the brand/ company”. Chris O’Connell, CEO of Timothy James Consulting.

Best Practice example: When Timothy James Consulting (TJC) rebranded, it invited its top 20 Senior Consultants to partake in a two day exercise to shape the company’s mission and vision statement. TJC wanted the team to feel a part of the long-term company strategy and an important part of the decision-making process. Not only a rewarding development day this kind of exercise serves to encourage interaction and engagement with the brand and business. The team felt that they were writing the future of the brand!

Morally appropriate, it also makes economic sense to look after your employees – retaining loyal, trained staff is key to a businesses’ growth potential and ultimately reduces business overheads.

& lsquo;The CEO is responsible for creating company culture, and as a rule, one’s Senior Management team should embody the values and principles of the brand. I believe in leading by example – I sit with my employees in an open office. Then they see and feel that our culture is an all for one, one for all business.’ Chris O’Connell, CEO of Timothy James Consulting.

Best Practice: TJC encourages the frame of mind that employees are a companies’ most important stakeholder – they are the contact point for clients and ultimately the producer of a companies’ product/service.  A company should ensure employee as much as client satisfaction through open, honest and transparent two-way communication channels for its staff.

TJC takes the time to gain feedback from its employees.  At TJC we organise regular one on one meetings with line managers - the manager’s role includes interacting with their juniors and discussing how they are enjoying the workplace. Tailoring career “road maps” to each individual’s preference is a tactic that helps ensure that our employee’s ambitions are listened to and on the right track.

& lsquo;An SME should make sure it has feel good factors built into the workplace. People don’t live to work, they work to live – efficiency and engagement is encouraged by pride and a fun dynamic environment.’ Chris O’Connell, CEO of Timothy James Consulting.

As a market leader in recruitment TJC understands what is important to employees and candidates. Employees care about the carbon footprint and charity efforts that their company produces. TJC developed a two-pronged approach to reflect the company’s growing responsibility as TJC goes global. Entitled “TJC at Home and Abroad”, the programme ensures that the company allocates time, money and effort to charities and causes in both the local and international market.

TJC employees are encouraged to create and participate in charity events, take a paid day off to give back to the community at large, and support one another in their endeavours. Green (electronic rather than paper) signatures, newsletters and emails have been introduced as has shredding and recycling throughout the three offices.

Reward and recognition for hard work comes in the form of Lunch Ups, Once in a Lifetime incentives and Grand Days Out for all the team. All members of staff enjoy perks, not just the sales elements of the workforce one of our most recent additions to the Bristol Headquarters is a chill out area that consists of a pool table, darts board, sky TV and a wine fridge. “As a business we want to evolve the brand to the next level with the team on-board. Remembering that our staff is our greatest asset.” Chris O’Connell, CEO of Timothy James Consulting.


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