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KeenHire Inc. Merger Brings eHarmony-Like Platform to Create Career Bliss to Millions

KeenHire Inc. Merger Brings eHarmony-Like Platform to Create Career Bliss to Millions

Two successful Silicon Valley companies have joined forces aligned in their vision to create career bliss for millions of job seekers and hiring managers worldwide. The eHarmony-like technology platform with affordable DropBox pricing co-created by Talent Acquisition Expert Margaret Graziano and 7-Time Serial Start-up Entrepreneur and Big Data and Technology Expert Scott Slinker offers a conscious hiring workhorse of a different color under the KeenHire Inc.umbrella.

Their creation based in science and technology has the potential to change the hiring game forever and for good – especially for companies that rely on quality people to serve their most important customers. With KeenHire, better hiring becomes easier and smarter for candidates and hiring managers while avoiding placement fees.

"No more unemployment. No more resumes. No more placement fees. And a better, more conscious career marketplace built on collaboration, innovation, and acceleration can be a new marketplace reality with KeenHire," Graziano said.

"KeenHire's technology service platform offers the answer to this question: If every job could talk, what would it say it needs?" Graziano explains. "Our system is to the recruiting industry what eHarmony is to the world of online dating. Our proprietary matchmaking system automatically measures 204 points of compatibility to identify the candidates with the right competencies, values, and behaviors to naturally perform well on the job."

CEO Scott Slinker's track record creating start-ups around big data lends powerful fuel to KeenHire's mission. In 1995, he co-founded Silicon Image and contributed to the creation of the High Definition Multi Media Interface that revolutionized consumer electronics. With Fraud Sciences, Slinker's team created a reliable way to lower the risk and create better trust to invite online transactions between merchants, and eBay paid 200 times revenue for it. Now, he and Graziano apply their talent to serve the job market.

Self-funded, Graziano and Slinker believe that KeenHire can grow to $10 million within 18 months. "Most people have urgency to get a job because they need to make rent. That is why our upside potential to serve and grow is twice that rate of adoption as eHarmony, which grew to 20 million subscribers quickly. The speed, accuracy, and scalability of KeenHire can match millions of candidates with the right jobs fast. We are making the world bigger for candidates and smaller for hiring managers, while saving everyone time, money, and career dissatisfaction."

With KeenHire, one click delivers an instant view of the top five matches for positions so decision makers can make faster and better choices. Candidates who use KeenHire can create "career passports" to open doors to the right jobs while offering them greater control over their destinies. The biggest benefit is avoiding the time consuming and expensive consequences of making wrong hires.

Since 2008, Graziano's company has developed, refined, and employed her proprietary system of matchmaking to place thousands of candidates into the right positions in industries such as health care, financial services, hospitality, technology, and the non-profit sector. Better than 85% of hires made met or exceeded their key performance indicators for success. This system is now integrated into affordable software created with Slinker's technology savvy so companies everywhere can soon apply it to their advantage.

"We've created a go-to and always ready solution to kick worries about making the wrong hires to the curb forever," Graziano said.

KeenHire offers three options – Basic (free), Team, and Enterprise. "Price need not be a barrier to finding the right people to engage, fit in, perform, and excel," Graziano says.


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