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Money, Money, Money that is what gets me to work!

Money, Money, Money – that is what gets me to work!

A recent survey conducted by TipTopJob found that “Money” is the motivating factor getting jobseekers up and out of bed in the dull, dark January mornings.

20% of those responded with “Money” as the factor that motivates them the most. This was closely followed by “New changes and future potential at work”. The least motivating factor was “Colleagues and Managers” of which 10% responded.

Sometimes it can be really tough to motivate yourself at work. There are always periods of low motivation for whatever reason, especially at the beginning of the year. That is why we at TipTopJob have put together some top tips to keep you motivated&hellip.
- Revise your vision and objectives and make sure they are realistic
- Whatever your goals at work are, make sure you break down tasks into manageable chunks so that you do not become overwhelmed
- If you are successful, reward yourself with something that makes you feel good
- Avoid negative people and situations which will bring you down
- Be aware of your work/life balance and have fun things to look forward to keep energy levels high
- Keep work in perspective and remember you have a life outside of the workplace

Mike Dauncey comments, “If you keep these things in mind, it may help to stay motivated. Money seems to be the main motivation driver these days given more and more people are struggling to pay bills and generally live. Let’s hope that this changes and people become more focused on their actual job and personal achievements. ”


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