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Rules of engagement developing leaders with HCIG

Rules of engagement – developing leaders with HCIG

Employee engagement or the & lsquo;willingness to go the extra mile’ has long been used as a measure of identifying efficient and high performing workplaces, but recruiting, retaining and engaging top talent requires more than just a Christmas bonus or & lsquo;market-leading’ commission.

A recent survey of UK workers found that one in four (26%) feel stuck in their jobs and the vast majority (77%) said that their ability to advance their career has either worsened or stayed the same compared to a year ago. Furthermore, two in five (40%) said they would have to leave their organisation in order to advance to a job at a higher level.

Additionally, the Global Workforce Study 2012, conducted by Towers Watson which surveyed over 2,625 UK workers, revealed that only 55% said they have the tools and resources they need to achieve exceptional performance.

The survey also showed that many employees had doubts about the level of interest and support coming from senior leaders, suggesting that employee engagement needs to be channelled from the top down.

Adam Herron, COO of Human Capital Investment Group (HCIG) says without the right equipment the time to develop high quality relationships with co-workers and managers or the expertise to align employees with an organisation’s overall mission, engaging employees at work is a challenge.

“The drivers of engagement, such as opportunities for personal development, leadership and empowerment, are synonymous with those needed for accelerating business growth,” Herron said.

“And a lot of the messages an employee receives about the typical predictors for engagement comes through the manager and leadership team.”

However, Herron says that a key challenge for managers is to have the time to manage their employees, and to “really find out what motivates and & lsquo;engages’ them”.

“Often managers are bogged down with other duties or administrative tasks, but time needs to be allocated for managers to get to know their employees, as not just workers, but as people.”

“Developing top talent is just one of the ways we support our companies and HCIG’s multi-brand model gives us the flexibility to attract the best talent and provide the resources our companies need to fast-track sustainable growth,” he explains.

Along with centralised operations handling the day-to-day requirements of running a business including finance, payroll, compliance and marketing, HCIG offers a variety of training, support and development opportunities to all employees and clients of all levels.

“HCIG’s in-house Learning & Development (L&D) service delivers programs and workshops to ensure companies and clients get the best out of their people and are equipped with the expertise to accelerate organic business growth.”

“These include Hamilton Bradshaw run CEO forums, management strategy days, interactive workshops, traditional classroom sessions and innovative inductions. We also offer qualification routes such as NVQs in Sales and an Apprentice scheme started 18 months ago with one apprentice and now has 27 to date.”

“In addition, the leadership programme currently being run across the Group includes modules which can count towards a Chartered Institute of Management qualification.”

Herron himself serves as a real-world example of the kind of career development opportunities HCIG offers employees, joining as a junior recruitment consultant and working his way up to COO.

“Sustainably engaged employees work similarly to entrepreneurs they use their talents, develop productive relationships, and multiply their effectiveness through those relationships. They perform at consistently high levels and they drive innovation and move their organisation forward,” he said. 

“By investing in people with passion, HCIG is known as a centre of excellence for leadership, talent management and development, and this is why we are one of the leading and fastest growing recruitment businesses in the country.”

Engaging employees from the top down

Committed to being personally involved in the development of employees, Jason Bowler, CEO of Resourcing Group, one of HCIG’s fastest growing companies, says investing in employees is key to maintaining and growing the company’s competitive advantage.

“Training and development is a fundamental part of our business plan, strategies, and on-going success,” Bowler explains.

“In very challenging market conditions, we have highlighted improved customer service and client engagement as a vehicle to realising growth.

“Investing in learning and development ensures we get the very best out of every team member, whilst giving our employees every opportunity to progress and enjoy a fulfilling career,” he said.

Bowler says the company’s communication strategy and appraisal processes have been designed to clearly demonstrate employees’ contribution to Resourcing Group’s overall vision, ensuring workers are bought into the direction of the company.

“Our review structures guide employee development and behaviour, as well as business strategy,” he said.

“We actively encourage self-appraisal and we have implemented a mentoring programme which is more about improving individual behaviour and approach rather than analysing fee performance.

“As a result, we believe our staff have developed a real pride in Resourcing Group's success and are proud of the company culture, hunger for success and team spirit that exists.”


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