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Chinese Recruiting Pattern & Trends Bachelors Beat Doctors!

Chinese Recruiting Pattern & Trends – Bachelors Beat Doctors!

RMG Selection initiates China Talent-flow Survey 2012 – 2013 Report. China Talent-flow Survey is designed to understand the current talents flow trends on region, company type, industry and positions within Greater China Region, and get an insight of changing job and how do candidates engage with headhunters. According to the statistics, among the responses from online job seeking, employees with doctor’s degree are less popular than those with bachelor’s degree. MBA does not show its advantage in online job seeking. Employers have different requirement in the aspects of education background for employees of different positions and different type of work. Higher education background doesn’t mean better job opportunities. Finding one’s niche in life, making a timely judgment, and then the education background will become the assistance of your career.

Online job seeking result: Doctors are less popular than bachelors MBA does not show its advantage

According to the statistics of RMG China Talent-flow Survey, among the online job seekers, only 9% employees with bachelor’s degree receive no responses in the last 6 months, while as many as 24% of employees with a doctoral degree receive no responses. Employees with an MBA, which are (allegedly) highly reputed, get a rate of 93% in responses, which is almost the same as those with a bachelor’s degree only who get a 91% response rate. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion that MBA does not necessarily show its advantage in the online job seeking process that it is reputed to.

MBA is the most popular client for headhunters doctors have no big difference with bachelors.

According to RMG China Talent-flow Survey, among the bachelors who have found a new job, 46% of them have been placed successfully by headhunters, while the number for doctoral degree holders is 47%, which is almost the same with bachelors. Among job seekers with an MBA, nearly 67% of employees change job successfully through headhunters. Although an MBA does not distinguish itself in online job seeking, it is obvious that headhunters pay more attention to employees with MBA’s degree. Employees with a doctoral degree do not have any special advantage in the eyes’ of headhunters, according to our report’s findings.

MBA do not have advantage in positions of starting career, but advantages appear in mid-high end positions.

According to RMG China Talent-flow Survey, we can see that bachelors and MBA receive the same number of responses in online job seeking. 66% of bachelors receive more than 5 responses, while 64% of MBA holders receive more than 5 responses. Thus it is clear that an MBA does not any great advantage in the completion for junior-level positions. However, for the mid-to-high end positions where headhunters are important, MBA holders receive much more responses than bachelors. 46% of bachelors change job through headhunters, while 67% MBA are placed successfully into a new job by headhunters. An MBA does not have advantage in the positions of starting career. However, MBA has got the best advantage in mid-to-high end positions where there is headhunters’ engagement.

It is gradually a trend to seek job through headhunters

No matter bachelors, masters, MBA or doctors, the rate of seeking jobs through headhunters is very high, compared to companies own recruitment efforts. According to the result of the survey, almost half of the employees of bachelor’s and doctor’s degree change job successfully through headhunters, among them, the rate of bachelors is 46%, the rate of doctors is 47%, and nearly 67% MBA job seekers find job through headhunters. In the meantime, 52.26% employees think that calls from headhunters are more professional (than companies’ own HR departments), while 31.2% of employees think that calls from companies’ HR direct are more professional. As shown in Chart 3. It is becoming a trend to seek job through headhunters. Headhunters are becoming more important and more active in the job market and talent flow. Headhunters have been a new power in talent flow.


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