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Connex are doing their bit for Comic Relief

Connex are doing their bit for Comic Relief

Comic Relief is upon us once again and staff at Connex Education are determined to raise as much money as possible for this great cause.

The Managing Director of Connex Education Mr Mark Beedles has agreed that the company will donate 50p for every like their Facebook page receives, so get liking!  Tell your friends and family tell you teachers and your pupils so that together we can raise lots of money for Comic Relief.

To add fun to the campaign, Connex has come up with a great way to make their fans laugh.  The Facebook page has a voting system, with a choice of antics such as custard pie in face, dance off, bush tucker trial and man verses food.  The frolic that obtains the most votes will be carried out by the staff in the true atmosphere of comedy, all of which will be filmed and have photographic evidence!

All antics will be put out to the social networks with an announcement on the amount of money raised.

It is so simple to take part, go to  LIKE (this is important at this act raises the money for Comic Relief) and then follow the red nose and vote! This is a fledgling Facebook page that has just 8 Likes at present so let’s get that number up through the roof!

Mark said, “We often raise money for good causes, and this time we are determined to contribute to Comic Relief!”

Connex supply teachers and teaching assistants into schools across the country, and are so determined to raise money that they will be emailing schools to encourage them to take part and encourage all their staff to do the same.  The more LIKES they get the more money and fun can be had in the process.

For more information on this money raising extravaganza or any information about Connex Education you can find your local office at

Go on! Like, vote and let’s give generously to Comic Relief


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