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G2V Group Makes Best Companies List

G2V Group Makes Best Companies List

A recruitment company, founded by two people who grew up living next door to each other, has been named in the & lsquo;Sunday Times 100 Best Companies To Work For the list. The G2V Group, founded by James Gorfin and Simon Gilling in Bristol 2004, which has offices in London, Manchester, Bristol, Amsterdam and Houston, Texas.

The Sunday Times reported,  RAPID GROWTH HAS transformed this technology and engineering group since its inception in James Gorfin’s bedroom: it is now made up of three companies with offices around the world. For employees, the opportunities to learn and grow feel boundless, too, placing G2V in fifth place for this question among small companies with an 87% positive score.

The group’s best factor in our survey is Personal Growth (85%, 13th). Based in Bristol, the business invests more than &pound5,000 per head on training its 79 people, beginning with a 13-week induction for new recruits. Employees gain great personal benefit from their training (84%).

In the past six months, 31 people have come on board and employees (average age 24) tell us their team leaders make completely clear what is expected of them (89%). The company tells recruits: "As a new starter we are looking for you to show us you’re ambitious and money-hungry as we need people like you to grow the business, set up new offices and train new staff."

G2V now has offices in Manchester, Houston, Texas, and Amsterdam and employees are excited about where the business is going (95%). They feel they can make a valuable contribution to its success (93%, a top 10 score) and are not sitting on skills that the organisation is failing to use (69%).

A recruitment consultant makes a typical &pound18,000 a year in basic annual salary, plus performance and profit-related bonuses, for a 50-hour week. People feel fairly paid compared with others in the firm (80%) and are happy with their pay and benefits (81%).

Every quarter there is a five-star holiday target and past winners have gone to Marbella, Amsterdam or Parma. At the end of the year top consultants are rewarded with a watch or trip to Las Vegas and everyone is invited to the Christmas party, which may include a night in a hotel.

Gorfin, the managing director, has introduced share options to help people feel part of the business. Staff find him inspiring (93%, sixth). People have confidence in the leadership of senior managers (91%) and feel they truly live the group’s values (88%) in their drive to become the UK’s biggest technology and engineering recruitment specialists.

Employees see a positive future ahead here (89%) and even though they are perfectly placed to hunt for jobs, nobody is planning to leave tomorrow (90%, a top 10 score).


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