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Global Recruiters Network Announces Results of Business Barometer Survey

Global Recruiters Network Announces Results of Business Barometer Survey

NPA, The Worldwide Recruiting Network announced the results of its business barometer survey. The survey is done twice annually and engages members of NPA’s global recruiters network as boutique and independent recruiters in documenting past results of the employment markets and predicting future results.

“Our member recruiters are generally optimistic about the growth potential for the employment markets in the next 6 months and the positive impact on their contingent recruiting businesses,” said Dave Nerz, president of NPA. “This survey of recruiting firm owners showed that 76.1% of those surveyed see conditions improving for their businesses over the next 180 days.”

Some other results of this survey of 400 independent members of the global recruiters network showed the following:

• The majority of respondents (56%) are from North America.

• A significant percentage (28%) of responses came from Australia/New Zealand.

• 44% reported improved conditions in the last 180 days, 30% indicated no change, and 27% reported worse conditions.

• 63% reported employment markets performing at or above expectations in the last 90 days.

• 40% of respondents see their market getting more competitive.

• Only 11% of the respondents have a negative outlook for the next 6 months.

• The majority (90%) project fees to remain at or above the levels realized in the prior 6 months.

“The reported information was positive on where NPA members are headed and perhaps the contingent recruiting industry as a whole,” said Nerz. “Globally, small independent recruiting firms are experiencing good growth and anticipating more in the months ahead.”

The survey also seeks to identify “strong” and “weak” industries/segments of the employment markets. The most active markets identified by the survey were chemical, fast-moving consumer goods, sales and marketing, supply chain, medical device and metallurgy related job openings. Weaker-performing segments were identified related to positions in the areas of mining, construction and executive leadership.


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