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Puerto Rican Man Sues Staffing Agency After Penis Cut Off at Temp Job

Puerto Rican Man Sues Staffing Agency After Penis Cut Off at Temp Job

A Puerto Rican man who was working in Florida is suing the temp agency that hired him claiming they were aware of a number of safety issues before sending him to a work for the Florida company.

In January 2010, Edgardo Toucet was sent by Spartan Staffing to work for Future Foam Carpet Cushion Company. According to the lawsuit, while operating a foam-cutting machine known as a peeling, Toucet’s penis and testicles were cut off by the machine’s spinning blade.

The safety shield on the machine was reportedly removed before Toucet arrived and the emergency off-switch was known to not always work.

Toucet, who was not fluent in English was given instructions on the machine in broken English and with hand signals.

The suit also states Spartan was aware of others workers who had been injured at Future Foam, but did not warn him or tell him about the others previously injured.

According to Courthouse News Service, Spartan Staffing employee Barbara Pridgen was responsible for ensuring compliance with safety training for Spartan’s leased employees, including onsite inspections of the client company’s job sites, Toucet says in the complaint.

But Toucet claims he “received no orientation or other formalized instruction or training in preparation for his temporary work assignment as a peeler machine helper.”

Not only did the machine slice off his genitals, it nearly cut his entire body in half.

Toucet is suing for negligence, and while he’s seeking damages of $15,000, he is also asking for a more significant amount overall.


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