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Blank launch Pay Per Application model launch Pay Per Application model have re-launched the Pay Per Application (PPA) advertising model to enable advertisers to pay only for the responses they receive.

With the changing market conditions it is a great time for to adapt their services to introduce the PPA pricing model. Clients can still advertise vacancies as normal by paying per job advertisement or they can opt to purchase application credits. In such a competitive environment, being able to offer something relatively new in the job board market opens the door to more potential advertisers who may not wish to pay directly to advertise jobs. is the only Job Board offering Pay Per Application in the UK and allows all jobs throughout Europe and beyond to be advertised for free. An unlimited number of vacancies can be posted onto the network and after credits are purchased, they are deducted as applications are received. Obviously the more application credits purchased the cheaper unit price is offered. Applications can be bought for as little as 41p.

Mike Dauncey comments, “Just register and buy a minimum of credits, and away you go – simple. If too many responses come in (yip-pee!) then responses are held until you add more credits. You are able to filter the countries you are prepared to take responses from and can choose from those not in the filter to manually accept.”


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