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Wild Recruitment Driving Forward

Wild Recruitment Driving Forward

A South Coast recruitment agency that has recently overtaken numerous rivals has formed its own specialist driving division.

Wild Recruitment said that this growing demand is accelerating partly due to the increase of internet shopping.

And with high street retailers collapsing, more goods will be delivered direct to the consumer.

Wild has seen growth in all driving disciplines, from HGV 1 and 2 through to multi-drop disciplines.

Managing Director Michelle Stewart said: “Wild has maintained a year-on-year growth even through the recession, and is expecting a 17 per cent increase in gross profit this year.”

The driving side of the company was previously contained within the industrial arm of Wild, but is now standing alone on its own four wheels.

The success of filling driving vacancies for its many and varied clients meant Wild needed a dedicated operation covering transport.

Wild has already recruited itself since Christmas and now has nearly 20 staff working under one roof from its base in central Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Michelle said: “Our driving part of the business just became too big to be contained within the industrial branch of the company.

“We were so busy that we had to break it up so the driving division could be run by dedicated staff.

“Internet shopping has made some parts of driving recruitment increasingly busy, and obviously there was a rush just before Christmas.

“We are recruiting all types of driver for all types of business and in a wide variety of industries and sectors.

“We are quite optimistic about the year ahead, not just for us but for the wider economy.

“Our growth reflects the confidence in other businesses and that is a great sign for Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

“Our methods have worked well since we started the firm and we always interview people face-to-face and we also get to know and understand our clients’ needs.

“We have seen year-on-year growth since Wild was formed and expect that to continue in 2013.”

Wild’s other divisions include industrial, office and finance, customer service and sales, and senior selection.

Within these broad divisions are a myriad of more specialist areas covering the breadth and width of employment.

John Gosling, Operations Director of TJ Transport, uses Wild to recruit. He said: “When we set up our waste disposal arm about seven years ago we made a point of using local companies if we could, and that included recruitment.

“There was something about Wild that we liked they seemed to share our ethic and they were a local firm run locally.

“They always respond quickly to our needs, we’re always able to get hold of them and they’ve adapted to our needs.

“In the office we have six permanent members of staff who have come through Wild and we use them for labourers and drivers and so far they’ve always managed to find a suitable candidate.”


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