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An Alternative to the traditional search model: ALC Groups Competitive Intelligence Report

An Alternative to the traditional search model: ALC Group’s Competitive Intelligence Report (CIR)&reg

Particularly in this economy, companies are sometimes understandably reluctant to retain search firms with the traditional model of a third, a third, a third. It seemed that a more cost-effective and transparent solution was overdue. The CIR solution was created by the ALC Group in March 2013 as a refreshing alternative, where the client receives an exhaustively detailed report of the whole market before any further commitment to progress.

This weighty document with comprehensive profiles of everybody in the market contrasts with stage two of the traditional search model where a short-list of five or six names is provided at a much higher cost and with the contractual expectation to progress and hire one of them. With the traditional model, there is also an underlying uncertainty for the client as to whether they truly have had the very best candidates identified.

 As the ALC Group engages a pool of expert associates who are each working actively within extremely niche, specialist recruitment markets, the CIR is compiled to a level that a research agency or the client themselves would be unable to produce. Years of accumulated market knowledge are supplemented by follow up calls so that information is up to the minute and much more insightful and relevant than a straightforward internet research exercise.

Tailored to the individual client’s requirements, the CIRs usually include the following:

-               Reports on all of the competitive companies in the market, including growth plans and market perceptions where available

-               Professional profiles of the relevant individuals

-               Current roles within their companies

-               Additional insights by ALC Group’s associates from having spoken to them over the years and met them in some cases

-               Personal information where applicable

Once the CIR is produced, which typically takes three to four weeks, ALC Group will meet up with the client, run through all of the profiles and answer additional questions to provide further insights. The client can then decide whether to take it to the next stage and instruct ALC Group to attract the best individual. Equally, they can decide not to take it any further or re-evaluate the timing of the next stage.

The CIR solution is likely to be extremely helpful to recruitment companies recruiting their own staff as it offers a low-cost and low risk solution which is transparent and gives them full control. They can use it for hiring multiple recruits as they are furnished with a full report of their entire competition and can use it again and again.

Tim Connolly - Partner


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