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Synergie have Higher turnover in 2012: 1,448.8 million - Net earnings: 15.1 million

Higher turnover in 2012: &euro1,448.8 million - Net earnings: &euro15.1 million

Daniel AUGEREAU Augereau, Chairman and managing director of the SYNERGIE Group said,  "In 2012, we continued to secure market shares in high-growth sectors such as aeronautics, new energies and tertiary activities, within the most dynamic European and Canadian regions. Our record turnover of &euro1,448.8 million – generated within a relatively tense economic context – is a testament to the ability of our teams to outperform our markets, as we have done each year, and proof of our financial solidity that is allowing us to proceed with new international acquisitions."

A turnover of &euro1,448.8 million, a historically high level In 2012, the Group generated a turnover of &euro1,448.8 million, an increase of 0.2% relative to 2011 (-1.3% with a constant perimeter), with a clear outperformance in Europe and Canada. All of the countries contributed to this performance, which is a testament to the relevance of our international networking strategy and of the actions undertaken notably in the fields of aeronautics and the tertiary sector. The non-France turnover now represents 43% of the consolidated business, an increase of 6.2% (2.5% with a constant perimeter).

Resistance of the current operating income &euro40.4 million

In a context of contracting economic activities, the Group demonstrated its ability to resist, through heightened cost control and thanks to the impact of the strategic investments made during the first half of the year. The favourable elements served to mitigate the effects of competitive pressure, and of a significant unrecovered customer debt. The current operating income is equal to &euro40.4 million, versus &euro48.2 million in 2011. In view of depreciations and the amortisation of intangible acquisition-related elements, for &euro3.7 million, of a stable net financial indebtedness cost and of various non-recurring elements, the net profits are equal to &euro15.1 million (of which Group share of &euro14.8 million), with a significant increase in H2 2012 (&euro6 million on 30 June 2012). With a positive cash position, a high internal financing capacity (&euro22.7 million in 2012) and shareholders equity of &euro200 million, the Group has the necessary means to continue with its international development.

2013 prospects

The first two months of the fiscal year are once again confirming the outperformance of SYNERGIE on all of its markets, notably in France, with only a slight 2.9% decline of its turnover (versus -10.5% for the market – source Prisme).

In this context, the Group is pursuing its deployment strategy within dynamic geographical zones and business sectors, most notably internationally, with the objective of generating 50% of its turnover abroad within the next two years.


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