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Ebsta launches dedicated Bullhorn tool

Ebsta launches dedicated Bullhorn tool

CRM productivity specialist Ebsta has developed and launched a dedicated tool for Bullhorn, the global leader in recruiting software. The move is in response to high demand from Bullhorn users for a dedicated Ebsta add-on that can follow them around the web and increase their productivity while they work outside of the Bullhorn CRM/ATS.

The new tool is a huge success and Ebsta has already signed up more than 50 recruitment agencies in the last six weeks including leading energy recruiter, Spencer Ogden.

Ebsta founder and CEO Guy Rubin comments: “Bullhorn is fast becoming the standard in recruitment software and entire businesses are being built on the back of its open API. If you’re not working with the best then you’ll be left behind – the rule applies to software developers and recruiters alike! Bullhorn is now a global brand and that means that its partners have access to a global market.

“Bullhorn’s API maturity means we can offer customers a better, deeper integrated experience, which has actually seen the price per user drop.”

Early Ebsta for Bullhorn sales are not just concentrated in the UK, with activity also seen in America, Australia and other territories around the world.

Peter Linas, Bullhorn’s international MD notes: “Recent Bullhorn research shows that recruiters are spending more time on social networks than ever before as they search for the best candidates. Now a recruiter can remain in LinkedIn or Twitter while accessing core Bullhorn functionality at the click of a button. Information can be added to distribution lists, tearsheets or task lists for example, without a recruiter ever leaving the social network in question. This results in time savings, which equals cost savings.”   

Rubin concludes: “At this early stage we’re already seeing a 70 per cent win rate amongst Bullhorn users that have undertaken the free trial. Feedback has centred around the return on investment primarily resulting from a reduction in & lsquo;cut and paste’ administrative work – not what any recruiter wants to spend their day doing!”


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