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HMRC Updates Their Position on Compliant Overarching Employment

HMRC Updates Their Position on Compliant Overarching Employment

The first edition of the Professional Passport Compliant Umbrella Providers Handbook will take in to account HMRC's updated stance on compliant overarching employment. The latest HMRC guidance may require many umbrella providers to update their processes and procedures as a result of HMRC's updated position if they wish to remain compliant.

The Compliant Umbrella Providers Handbook is the first book providing both umbrella providers and recruitment companies a transparent and comprehensive compliance benchmark for the umbrella sector.

The book has 17 chapters and covers, in detail, everything that is required to ensure an umbrella operates compliantly. The information also highlights the importance of the relationship between the umbrella company and the recruitment company to ensure ongoing compliance.

Crawford Temple Managing Director of Professional Passport commented at the launch: "This provides the most comprehensive and detailed reference manual on all the processes and procedures required to operate a compliant umbrella company and sets a clear benchmark standard for compliance across the sector something that has been lacking up until now."

HMRC commented: "We are aware of the work of Professional Passport and welcome any steps that are designed to improve and increase the level of compliance in the sector."

Anyone that operates in the umbrella market, or is a user of umbrella companies, will be more than aware that this is a constantly evolving and changing market and it is essential that the operating handbook can keep pace with these changes. The handbook is being published in such a way that each chapter can be easily updated as and when required. The book will be produced in a bespoke upmarket binder and subscribers will automatically receive updates as they are produced. It will be a simple case of taking the old chapter out and replacing it with the new. This update process also means that any amendments are transparent and users can review the updates to ensure they bring their own processes and procedures in line.

Commenting on this Crawford Temple said: "We see this handbook as a living document that we will amend and update as areas change. We are certain that many providers will want to engage with us to input and comment on the procedures as the recognised benchmark for compliance in the market. This is the ultimate reference manual and we aim to ensure it can be found on the desk of every senior manager in every umbrella company as well as a copy in the compliance department of every recruitment company and RPO."

The Compliant Umbrella Providers Operational Handbook is designed as an essential operational reference for every umbrella company as well as providing as an essential reference for every recruitment company, RPO and MSP compliance department trying to achieve a greater understanding of umbrella company compliance and avoid the risks and costs associated with non compliance.

The book can be ordered directly from the Professional Passport website at . There is a 1st edition booking discount available until Friday 10th May 2013.


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