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Randstad recognizes most attractive employers globally

Randstad recognizes most attractive employers globally

Randstad has identified 18 companies as the most attractive employers in their geography in the 2013 edition of the Randstad Award, the largest independent employer branding study in the world. The Randstad Award 2013 winners are: Mercedes Benz (Argentina), ABC (Australia), Techspace Aero (Belgium), WestJet Airlines Ltd. (Canada), Bank of China (China), Groupe Canal (France), Audi (Germany), MTR (Hong Kong), Microsoft (India), La Feltrinelli (Italy), Suntory Holdings (Japan), Air New Zealand (New Zealand), KGHM Polska Miedz (Poland), Singapore Airlines (Singapore), EADS CASA (Spain), Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (The Netherlands), John Lewis (United Kingdom) and Microsoft Corporation (USA).

"Finding and retaining talent with the right skills is a key challenge for organizations across the globe”, says Marielle de Macker, managing director Group HR at Randstad. “And this will only grow in importance in the coming years. In order to tackle that challenge head-on, organizations need to be aware of their attractiveness, and how they manage their employer branding. Insights into the drivers of choice of potential talent are most valuable when it comes to enhancing one’s brand as an employer. According to our research, companies looking to attract and retain talent should stress the broad range of advantages they offer, with a particular emphasis on career development and opportunities, inspiring work environment and financial health.”

The Randstad Award survey is the largest independent employer branding study in the world. It is conducted by interviewing more than 140,000 respondents in 18 countries. Respondents are asked if they know the 150 companies selected in that specific geography and if so, whether they would like to work for those companies, leading to a relative attractiveness score. They are also asked which aspects they value when choosing a new employer, providing insights in the drivers of choice of potential employees. Furthermore, the survey includes ranking the most popular industry sectors as well as the means and channels people use to look for a new job.

Job security no 1 driver in Europe competitive salary leading in Americas and APAC
In Europe, job security (24%) and the financial health of a company (22%) are the key drivers of choice for (potential) employees when looking for an employer. In APAC and the Americas this is different: while job security is indeed the 2nd most important reason to choose for a certain employer (14% in APAC, 15% in the Americas), a competitive salary (20% in APAC, 23% in the Americas) is the prime reason and far outweighs the value respondents attach to both job security and the financial health of a company (7% in APAC, 5% in the Americas).

Men value career growth, women work-life balance
Men and women appreciate job security, competitive salary and interesting job content to approximately the same degree. More men than women however, are interested in career growth prospects including sufficient training and international career opportunities. They also place higher value on financially healthy organizations, strong management and strong company values. Women on the other hand are more likely to prioritize a good working atmosphere and are more concerned with work-life balance, flexible working arrangements and a convenient location that cuts down on commuting.

Lack of compensation main reason to quit
When asked to specify the factors that would make respondents leave their current employer, a lack of compensation is the main reason to do so (55% globally). The next most popular reasons were a lack of career opportunities and an unpleasant working atmosphere (both 20%). Another 17% cited lack of work-life balance (managers foremost among them), while 14% mentioned the need to gain more experience (this was more common among 18-24 year olds, highly educated workers and managers).

Informatics/Consulting and Automotive most attractive industries
For the 2nd year running, Informatics/Consulting (48%) and Automotive (46%) are the most attractive sectors to work in, followed by Pharmaceuticals/Chemical (39%) and FMCG (38%). Another continuing trend is that men more often prefer technical industries, where women prefer more service-oriented sectors.
Media, Public Administration & FMCG sectors are more popular with people aged 25 or older, while starters (aged 18-24) are more attracted by Informatics/Consulting, Professional Services and Engineering. although this doesn’t apply to all countries: respondents regardless of their age in Canada and the US, deem High Tech Manufacturing the most popular sector to work in. The same goes for Argentine respondents across all age groups who favor the Informatics/Consulting sector, and Singaporean respondents who prefer the Hospitality industry.  


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