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New research by, the specialist retail recruitment website, has uncovered how highly retail professionals value employer brand when assessing prospective employers.

The research, which surveyed over 700 retail professionals, found that over half (55%) value an employer’s reputation as a great place to work even more than salary (48%) when assessing their next move up the career ladder. Other desirable attributes for prospective employers included opportunities for career progression and a good work / life balance (39%.)

The research also found that 86% of retail professionals were attracted to work for their current company due to its reputation as a good employer, showing how crucial employer brand is in attracting the best class of candidate.

As an industry, retail can suffer from negative perceptions as a “destination” career and the research showed that employer brand is central to dispelling that view. Retail professionals said that they would be more likely to want a career in retail, rather than “just a job” with a company that had a strong employer brand (77%.)

However, it is clear that more work needs to be done to communicate retailers’ employer brand strategies as less than a third of retail professionals (31%) believed that their employer’s internal culture reflected its wider reputation.

In addition to the research, hosted a breakfast briefing on the topic of employer brand for retail and HR professionals to discuss what companies can do to create or promote their employer brands.

The delegates heard from expert speakers April Bryce, Head of Creation at Work Communications and Kirstie Kelly-Batt, recruitment technology and employer brand expert from LaunchPad Recruits.

April Bryce discussed how retailers both large and small can identify their employer brand. “What most businesses don’t realise is that their employer brand already exists for them in some shape or form. It exists through their people strategy, their comms, and their stories. Companies just need to create a mechanism to define, refine and articulate it,” she said. 

Kirstie Kelly-Batt added, "To deliver a positive Employer Brand, retailers should aim to deliver consistency in their messaging, approach and behaviour throughout the entire business, both internally and externally - through all people interaction, processes and functions.  Avoid your business appearing schizophrenic!”

Neil Brodie, Commercial Director at commented: “Your employees are your brand’s greatest ambassador and true employee engagement will only happen if the brand is embedded into the culture of the organisation and nurtured by management.

“Our research also found that 73% of retail professionals are influenced by recommendations from industry friends and colleagues when assessing if a company is a good employer.”


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