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Does this mean we are awaiting the first #HashtagGuru Job Title on LinkedIn?

Does this mean we are awaiting the first #HashtagGuru Job Title on LinkedIn? by Sirona Consulting

Well now that Facebook has introduced #hashtags we have the #HashtagQuartet - Twitter, Facebook (with some privacy limitations) Google Plus and Instagram now all use #hashtags. Woopee!! All we need now is LinkedIn to join the party (late as usual) to give us a full hand ;-)
The question will be, will it be better or worse for recruitment? Let me see (with a 'little' dose of sarcasm thrown in along the way!) ......
  1. It will certainly annoy some people on Facebook when they start getting all those #hashtags appearing in their streams. With no character limit, there will recruiters (and autoposting tools) that will be 'playing the field' with them as happens on Instagram, like this.
    Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 17.19.39
  2. We will start (I'm sure) to see unilateral cross platform #hashtags across different media online and offline (TV and Mags) - which is great if you are monitoring them properly with the relevant software, to track engagement and ensure no interactions are missed. Unfortunately many people won't have the resources, systems or people to to this effectively, in my opinion. ---> Cue dvertising agency opportunity as an outsourcer! 
  3. Confusion will reign over where #hashtags have been seen and used. This will be really interesting to see how this one pans out from a tracking perspective.
  4. Many people (including people in the industry) still have no idea what a #hashtag is and how to make effective use of them. This is still going to be a hurdle for many companies. Are we going to see the first #Hashtag Guru Job Title appear on LinkedIn soon?
  5.  All that said above, it will make searching for things like jobs and industry words easier across the social networks........... if people have even used them in the first place, that is! ;-) It has to be a good idea to have consistency across the networks doesn't it?
  6. #Hashtags do drive traffic and interest, there is no question of that. You only have to look at #Instagram to see the big difference putting them on your photos make with regards to views and 'likes'.  Will they have the same effect on Facebook I wonder?
  7. Properly used I actually think this is just the next evolution in the short life of social recruiting (to-date) and social media. I see more positives than negatives.

There will certainly be some extensive #hashtag posts out there over the next few days and weeks. Many will no doubt be #preaching and #spouting much about them. The reality is Facebook is just a late addition to Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus.  A game changer no, and added dimension, a resounding yes!

What do you think? #Lovethem or #Hatethem ?

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