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Traditional values still hold true after 20 years

Traditional values still hold true after 20 years

Recruitment specialist says it’s & lsquo;business as usual’

Although the industry has changed immeasurably in the 20 years since he started, Bournemouth hospitality industry recruitment specialist James Tucker says his basic philosophy remains exactly the same.

James, operations manager at Towngate Personnel, believes his success is based on keeping abreast of the changes without losing sight of his basic principles.

“There have been many changes in both the recruitment and the hospitality industry over the last 20 years, but the ethos of building long standing relationships by speaking to and understanding the requirements of both candidates and clients remains the same,” he says.

“In 1993, when I started at Towngate Personnel, we were coming out of the last recession, so there are some similarities between now and then - and plenty of reasons to think the recovery will gain pace.”

But in other ways it was a very different world in the early days of James’ career. Back then desktop technology was limited to a phone, a pen and a notepad. There were no computers in the office, no job boards, very few people had a mobile phone or an email address, texting and social media were unheard of.

“Advertisements were placed in newspapers and trade magazines and candidates would have their CVs professionally typed up and posted to us along with a handwritten letter of application,” says James.

“We had to surreptitiously contact candidates at work or leave messages with parents/children/flatmates on their home phone as not many people even had answerphones - very different from today’s job seeking process where anyone can apply for dozens of jobs with one click and we carry a database of more than 100,000 industry-experienced candidates.”

Towngate Personnel specialises in filling vacancies in the hospitality industry, another sector that has seen enormous change over the last 20 years.

“It’s a very different picture these days. Some of today’s most ubiquitous companies either did not exist in the UK or were only in their infancy in 1993,” says James. “There was no Starbucks or Subway at that time outside of the USA and only a handful of purpose-built budget hotels compared to hundreds of Premier Inns and Travel Lodges we see today.

“Restaurants and hotels are increasingly popular and Britain’s service sector contributes more to the economy than ever before, meaning there are many more job opportunities within the industry.”


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