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20,000 sales jobs available every month but the profession remains unpopular

Average sales salary &pound27,000 – yet applications for each sales job half the average for all jobs

Sales jobs rated 140 out of 200 careers – beaten by tax collector and sewage plant operative

Companybook calls for a renaissance of the sales person

There are 20,000sales vacancies every month in the UK[i], making the sector the second largest advertiser of jobs in the country[ii] paying an average salary of &pound27,000[iii] a year – more than the UK average of &pound26,500[iv]. An investigation by business information service Companybook has uncovered that only the engineering, manufacturing and utilities sector had more vacancies than sales in the last six months out of 32 different industries.

Yet sales jobs remain less popular than other roles with about half the number of people applying for them than the average[v]. Just 14 people go for each sales vacancy in London compared to an average for all sectors over the last six months of 24. Sales roles have also recently been rated among the bottom third of jobs despite offering so many opportunities. Being a tax collector (rated 85th out of 200) and sewage plant operator (87th out of 200) are seen as more attractive than sales jobs at 140th place[vi]. This comes at a time when UK unemployment has risen to 2.51 million[vii], placing greater pressure on job seekers to take on roles that are widely available.

High-profile mis-selling cases such as the PPI scandal and ever increasing pressure in some sectors may be putting people off. A recent survey from Which? showed that 81 per cent of bank staff felt the same or increased pressure to meet sales targets than they had in the past. The same study showed two thirds of those with sales roles said they were sometimes or always being told to sell more[viii].

The world of sales may also have gained a poor reputation for unpopular techniques such as cold calling, misleading people, over promising, lying by omission, misrepresenting availability or creating offers that don’t exist or create little or no added value.

Chris Rhodes, CEO of Companybook, says: “There are huge opportunities in the world of sales. The sector has offered more jobs than nearly any other in the last six months and the financial rewards are good. Yet fewer people apply for these roles than you might expect, perhaps put off by its poor reputation. After all, who wants to be the one making the badly targeted cold calls that annoy us all?”

That’s why Companybook, the website that makes looking for new customers quick and easy, has pulled together top tips for making the most of a career in sales. “We want people to be proud to work in sales” continues Rhodes. “At a time of high unemployment, Companybook is keen to help people get into jobs that they enjoy and in which they can thrive. That means equipping them with the tools and advice that make selling a better process for everyone – sales people and customers.”

“Whether you’re looking for new customers, maintaining existing relationships, researching potential partnerships or keeping an eye on the competition, Companybook is the online service that saves you time and money by giving you the information you need, when and where you need it. It’s business intelligence for intelligent businesses – and only costs the equivalent of a pint a week. For a successful career, it’s a small price to pay,” adds Rhodes.


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