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Alexander Mann Solutions steps up commitment to employee well-being

Alexander Mann Solutions steps up commitment to employee well-being

Leading talent management specialist Alexander Mann Solutions is stepping up its commitment to employee well-being by creating more opportunities for its global workforce to work flexibly, investing in advanced remote-working technology and enhancing its employee communications. It is also focusing on rewarding employee performance and encouraging a healthy work-life balance, with employee satisfaction closely monitored via regular surveys. The company’s focus on employee well-being allows its people to develop healthy, balanced lifestyles, while ensuring they contribute their full potential.

“Happy, engaged employees are more productive, deliver optimum results for clients and are more likely to stay with the company for longer, even acting as brand ambassadors,” says David Heath, Chief People Officer, Alexander Mann Solutions. “As a provider of talent management consultancy, we know that good practice starts at home. Optimising our own employee engagement programme allows us to deliver the best possible advice to clients on creating and honing their own engagement strategies.”

With a fair, ethical and inclusive culture, Alexander Mann Solutions is committed to ensuring its employees contribute their full potential. Remote-working plays a key part in this, allowing employees worldwide to remain accessible from any location and providing a seamless service to clients. The company has invested in new Lync software so that employees can log in anytime, anywhere, while refining its home-working policy to provide full work-life flexibility.

The company is continually refining the content of its half-yearly employee magazine, The Point, with reader figures rising as the editorial team ensures it’s packed full of the news and views employees find most valuable. Following employee feedback, the magazine has been redeveloped to be an interactive pdf with a more user-friendly layout. It’s also available online, meaning every edition is accessible to all employees.

Alexander Mann Solutions’ Leadership Team keeps in close contact with its employees by sharing regular web presentations, which have recently become more interactive, with employees being offered the opportunity to submit questions in advance.

“In addition to effective communication, rewarding people’s hard work and dedication is vital to inspiring a motivated workforce,” continues Heath. “We do this via our Inspiring Awards, Internal Referral Programmes and by organising regular social events. We also hone in on employee well-being at a local level, offering discounted gym membership, a tax-efficient bike purchase scheme and by running sports and social clubs.”

The company’s various social committees have a keen focus on identifying new ways of supporting local charities and organisations. They undertake fundraising and volunteering activities and also offer employees’ expertise and skills, often in the form of employability skills workshops presented by staff.

Finally, Alexander Mann Solutions is maintaining its strong commitment to employee well-being in 2013 by ensuring that all employees know they can approach its Employee Assistance Programme for support. The programme has been in action since 2008 and offers confidential help and advice to employees on all aspects of health, nutrition and diet, fitness and work-life balance.

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