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AppLayers Recruitbox app store gives IT service providers tools for recruitment agencies

AppLayer’s Recruitbox & lsquo;app store’ gives IT service providers tools to offer bespoke, secure cloud solutions for recruitment agencies

AppLayer's Cloud orchestration platform helps recruitment agencies retain intellectual property and guard against & lsquo;bring your own device’ problems such as theft or loss

Cloud technology company AppLayer today announced its Recruitbox & lsquo;app store’ as the latest development for its hosted desktop/cloud offering for recruitment consulting firms.  Designed with agency heads in mind, the store offers Recruitbox users a choice of hosted industry and business software applications, all available for a monthly fee.  In this way, agencies can build their own bespoke, ultra-secure Cloud IT solutions, adding additional applications according to their needs.

The range of hosted software available via the Recruitbox app store includes a range of software providers and specialist recruitment packages such as Bullhorn Reach, Filefinder, Voyager, Microdec and security software such as Spectorsoft and many others.  Users can pick and choose the solutions most appropriate for their businesses.

The resulting complete Recruitbox cloud solution – managed by AppLayer -- is accessible via the internet from any device on a single secure platform, from an iPad to a desktop PC.  This enables managers or business owners to monitor all activity, ensuring that information and intellectual property remains safe and within the company. Employees can be allowed to & lsquo;bring their own devices’ without fear of security risks as no information actually sits on the device itself. If the tablet, laptop or smartphone is stolen or lost, access can simply be withdrawn. 

This set-up also means when employees leave the company, the contacts they have made and information they accessed and developed can be retained by the agency by simply switching off the employee’s access to the Recruitbox platform. At the heart of the Recruitbox product set is the underlying technology that enables new clients to be provisioned in minutes. Built on Microsoft System Centre technologies, creating servers and services for line of business applications is seamless and provisioned through one, easy to use control panel.

“As an international staffing organisation, it is essential that we operate efficiently across all of our territories. The Recruitbox app store allows IT systems to stay up to date with the most advanced business, recruitment and security software available,” said Adam Buck, CEO at Phaidon International. “We trust AppLayer’s technology to be easy to use and secure.  Centralised Cloud computing takes the headache out of our IT and allows me to manage our global business, rather than providing tech support or worrying about lost information. Additionally, opening new offices overseas couldn’t be easier as each staff member only requires an internet connected device, not the long and drawn out process of involving IT companies – as well as the associated costs!”

“The availability of the Recruitbox app store is the next logical step as part of our Business-in-a-box offering,” said Andrew McLean, CEO of AppLayer.  “By providing secure access to major recruitment and business software packages, the Recruitbox app store ensures recruitment heads can truly benefit by using cloud software, creating a solution that meets all of their business needs.”


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