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Contractor Confidence 2013: Would contractors recommend contracting to a friend?

Contractor Confidence 2013: Would contractors recommend contracting to a friend?   

&middot       85 per cent of contractors would encourage their mates to follow suit

Contractors appear to be a happy bunch with 85 per cent of them saying that they’d recommend becoming a contractor to their friends, according to a new survey by The Pulse Umbrella Group.

The survey reveals that money talks 53 per cent of respondents say that the thing they most enjoy about contracting is making more money than they would as a permanent employee. Forty-six per cent would recommend their friends become a contractor because of the money. And 21 per cent said that their favourite aspect of contracting was the variety of work available.

And they’re a hardy lot nearly two thirds (60 per cent) have not called in sick to work for over two years. And most (93 per cent) have never been sent home sick from work. However this could be to do with the fact that less than half (48 per cent) have a back up plan for supporting themselves if they had to take an extended period of sick leave.

Chris Futcher, CEO of The Pulse Umbrella Group, comments: “Contractors are a committed and hardworking group who put their all into their jobs. They’re a great resource for businesses and an essential part of the UK economy. The flexibility they provide allows employers to respond to customer demand and remain competitive.”

Contractors cited finding the next contract once one has finished as their biggest bugbear about not being permanent staff (28 per cent). This was followed by keeping learning and development up to date (19 per cent).

Chris adds: “Clearly it’s key for contractors to keep their professional development up-to-date. But they do have an advantage in that they gain varied experience and skills in each placement.”

Contractors are also feeling positive about demand for their skills for the rest of 2013, with 72 per cent feeling confident about demand for their skills in the next six months. Fifty-six per cent think contracting rates will stay the same in 2013, with 16 per cent believing they’ll increase and 28 per cent thinking they’ll decrease. However, 54 per cent would be willing to reduce their rates to get work.

 “Our survey shows that contractors enjoy it because they get to avoid endless office formalities and box-ticking exercises. What they’re really interested in is getting on with doing a great job,” says Chris. 


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