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Goldteam Recruitment partners with Slough Aspire to create a Win:Win:Win model.

Goldteam Recruitment partners with Slough Aspire to create a Win:Win:Win model.

Goldteam has been a supporter of Slough Aspire’s aim to support local people to find local jobs  since the project’s inception and has been selected as Slough Aspire’s recruitment partner to help deliver long term success and sustainability to this highly regarded initiative.

As Slough Aspire’s recruitment partner, Goldteam’s key objective is to find the most suitable candidates for the job vacancies that they recruit for any Slough businesses, whilst actively focusing on connecting Slough’s local talent with businesses and job opportunities within Slough. Goldteam also makes a cash contribution to Slough Aspire every time a successful placement has been made into a Slough based business by Goldteam.

The Slough Aspire - Goldteam partnership means Slough businesses can recruit local talent, engage with the local community and work with local businesses, whilst the Slough community will be able to access more local job opportunities,  contribute to the local economy and be part of the success of Slough based businesses creating a Win:Win:Win situation every time.

So when Goldteam successfully recruited a Crime Prevention Manager for Slough Business Watch on SEGRO’s Slough Trading Estate they saw this as the perfect opportunity to kick start this partnership and come true on their promise by making the first cash contribution to Slough Aspire.

Goldteam’s Managing Director Rafiq Chohan explained“Even though much of our work is across the region and further afield we recognise the long term benefits of local people being employed in local jobs. That isn’t always possible despite the growing local talent base that exists. The most important thing is to match the candidate to the needs of the client and vice versa. We decided that we needed to come up with a creative and more sustainable solution to a long term challenge. Rather than just contribute as a strategic Slough stakeholder we wanted to help fund Aspire to support more local people into jobs. There is a great deal of goodwill from Slough employers for the Aspire project and this is another way in which they can actively contribute to its long term success”.

Goldteam’s Founder and CEO Naveed Ahmed said, “We are pleased to work alongside Aspire in developing its own job board as well as providing advice for reaching, identifying and recruiting local talent for local jobs. However, our on going cash contributions for every successful placement in Slough will help Aspire become more sustainable and recruitment seems the most appropriate and equitable way of doing that”.

Fiona Jones, Aspire Centre Manager, said: “Slough Aspire greatly values Goldteam’s on-going commitment and support, while their innovative and sustainable model for supporting the aims of Slough Aspire reflects our dedication to finding new ways to meet the skills needs of Slough’s residents, young people and businesses.”

Paul Lewis Director at Slough Trading Estate Business Watch, said:“Goldteam provided us with an excellent service to help us recruit our Crime Prevention Manager at Slough Trading Estate Business Watch. We gave them a short period of time and a challenging specification to recruit a high quality replacement for our retiring manager. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly they were able to source 5 high quality candidates with extensive experience and knowledge. Goldteams offer to make a cash contribution to the Slough Aspire project was the icing on the cake and we are very pleased that we have recruited such a high calibre person for the job but as a result have also been able to support this very important local jobs initiative" – Paul Lewis, Director, Slough Trading Estate Business Watch.”


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