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Internships give students valuable work experience, says Darwin Recruitment

Internships give students valuable work experience, says Darwin Recruitment the IT and Telecoms specialist.

Darwin’s interns provide a pipeline of potential future recruitment consultants. 

Internships vary widely from country to country. They range from being a casual work experience through to a legal form of employment – predominately shaped by employment regulations of the country. They also have their critics too – described as cheap labour or taking advantage of young disadvantaged people. “We have had a very positive experience of internship and remain in contact with individuals where appropriate” says Paul Kirby, CEO and joint founder of Darwin Recruitment. As Paul explains “We see internship as a way of recruiting future graduates into the industry. Recruitment is not a job for everyone and internship gives students some real experience, mid studies, to find out if they want to progress this as a career later on. The experience should be a win, win situation, where the organisation offers training and pay in return for some work”.

Leaving education is a big leap into the unknown for many students and often casual jobs during studies do not give the kind of experience demanded by future employers.  To find out if their interns receive a happy and rewarding time during their stay Darwin interviews them at the end of their work period to ask for their views and ratings. Hot tips by an intern include & lsquo;To be a great Darwin intern you need to be proactive, willing to learn, social, open and motivated’. And on the benefits & lsquo;I would describe my intern job at Darwin Recruitment as a great way to learn the in’s and out of the sales world in just 20 weeks.’


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