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SYNETY and NowWeComply Unveil First Integrated Call Recording Solution for Compliance

SYNETY and NowWeComply Unveil First Integrated Call Recording Solution for Compliance

Cloud services provider SYNETY and NowWeComply have joined forces to offer business customers the ability to record their phone calls for compliance monitoring and verification purposes. 

SYNETY’s  CloudCall Click on-demand business telephony application has been integrated with NowWeComply’s cloud compliance solution, enabling complete recordings of telephone conversations and transactions to be used as part of a compliance evidence chain, in the same way as emails, correspondence and signed documents.

NowWeComply will offer the capability through it's newly launched Apps & Services market. Customers can simply activate it with one-click from their NowWeComply dashboard.

"This genuinely has the potential to change the way people think about compliance', added NowWeComply's Ben Stoneham, "The ability to hold legal evidence of an original conversation vastly reduces commercial risk for anyone who bases hiring decisions on phone references, gets verbal approval on a project estimate or change request - or who simply needs evidence of due diligence for audit purposes."

"Partnering with NowWeComply enables us to engage with a whole range of new customers on a new level - and instantly solve one of their biggest headaches" explained Synety CEO, Mark Seeman

The SYNETY and NowWeComply solutions are easy to deploy, as both services already integrate seamlessly with a wide range of CRM and other business applications including Microsoft Outlook, Bullhorn, Goldmine, and Microsoft Dynamics.

SYNETY’s  CloudCall Click is a proven cloud telephony solution that is already well-established in the sales, telemarketing and customer service sectors.  It enables full integration of detailed call histories, and the ability to embed complete recordings of calls directly into contact records for easy replaying and management, working seamlessly within NowWeComply. is a low-cost online service that automates time-consuming and often complex compliance processes, making it simpler and more affordable for firms to meet their requirements. It delivers significant cost-savings at the same time as a step-change in operational performance.


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