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E-Recruitment Pioneer Unveils New Agency

E-Recruitment Pioneer Unveils New Agency

E-recruitment pioneer, Norrie Johnston, is launching a new kind of senior interim management and executive search business.  Norrie Johnston Recruitment (NJR), with offices in London and Winchester, will focus on filling senior interim and permanent &pound70,000 to &pound250,000 roles, using a mix of technology plus, importantly, traditional search. 

Norrie Johnston is not focusing on building a huge candidate database, but instead is hiring best of breed recruiters by offering packages which are much more generous than the industry standard.  The packages will also include share options for the most senior, early team joiners. 

Norrie Johnston comments "With the onset of job boards, LinkedIn and web-savvy candidates, agencies that simply trumpet the size of their talent pool are selling snake oil.  Anyone can access huge pools of talent. That's not a virtue. The skill for 2013 is in quickly cutting through the masses of potential senior candidates to create a perfectly matched short-list fast. 

"That requires great technology of course, but also brilliant, experienced recruiters people who are working at the top of the recruitment game but who have also worked in the corporate world, and so understand the pressures of working at a senior level in business.  When you have that combination of people and technology, the end result is incredibly powerful."

According to NJR, its combination of technology-enabled, top recruiters means the agency will provide hand-picked short lists perfectly matched, senior interim candidates within 4 days while for permanent roles, the timeframe from brief to short list will be 21 days. Indeed, Johnston is so convinced by the power of his recruitment model that on sole agency briefs he is promoting a 99% success rate.

To deliver this agency model a lot of work has gone into the package NJR will offer recruiters.  Johnston continues: “Recruitment consultants and directors typically are paid a basic salary plus commission top up which brings earnings up to a total of 30% of net fee income. For a top-flight recruiter, that’s not an exciting package and typically means the really great ones have to leave and set up on their own to earn anything close to what they are worth. So we’ve come up with something rather more inspiring – something worth sticking around for.”

By using technology to keep the agency’s cost-base low, NJR will offer recruitment consultants 40% and recruitment directors 60% of net fee income invoiced or base salary whichever is higher.

Norrie Johnston has a strong track-record for predicting recruitment trends, especially in the interim management market. He was a pioneer of using the web in recruitment, setting up Executives Online in 2000 and building it to a multi-million pound business before selling out to a management buyout team in 2008. 

Although Norrie Johnston Recruitment has only just launched, there is already strong market interest in his new agency. 

Stuart Rolland, Divisional MD at British Gas says: “This recruitment model is a very strong fit for today’s market and will find great favour with corporates looking for more than talk of talent pools and technology. When it comes to hiring senior personnel, you need the hands-on service of an expert recruiter.  Having this type of traditional search being offered by someone who also knows how to harness all that technology has to offer makes it an extremely powerful proposition.”


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