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HR Directors Believe In the Cut Of Your Cloth

HR Directors Believe In the Cut Of Your Cloth

What you wear in the workplace really does matter - more than three quarters (76%) of HR directors believe that an employees’ style of dress at work influences their chance of promotion, according to new research1 undertaken by recruitment specialist OfficeTeam. However, this figure rises to 88% for medium-sized companies.

With the warmer summer months upon us, dress-code flexibility becomes more desired. However, it is crucial to retain a professional appearance at all times, especially if you are looking to move up the corporate ladder. Indeed, more than four in 10 (44%) HR directors think employees wear inappropriate or unusual clothing to work & lsquo;very’ or & lsquo;somewhat’ often. Interestingly, employees in London and the South East are more likely to wear unusual or inappropriate clothing to work, according to 62% of HR directors.

The importance of workplace attire is viewed differently on a regional basis, with nearly nine in 10 (89%) HR directors in the South West and Wales stating that work place attire influences an employee’s chance of promotion. However, this figure decreases to 73% for the North and Scotland, followed by the Midlands (72%) and London and the South East (71%).

Rachel Stockell, Senior Manager, OfficeTeam said: “It’s understandable that employees want to relax the dress code at work during the summer months, but they must take into consideration that what they wear can affect how their employers and colleagues view them. In an ideal world, employees would be judged primarily on the merit of their work. However, as our research shows, what you wear can have an effect on your chances of promotion and so it is important to dress the part.”

OfficeTeam provides the following top tips for workplace appearance:

Make sure your clothes are clean and in good repair – present a neat and clean appearance. What would you think if you met someone with a stained tie, crumpled shirt or ripped tights?

Play it safe – if you are unsure of what to wear, choose the more conservative option.

Dress for your audience - if you are meeting a client whose office has a more relaxed dress code, change yours to suit.

Have a jacket on hand – Even more casual or lighter wear can quickly be made more professional by adding a jacket. Hang one on your door or back of your chair in case an unexpected meeting arises.


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