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Job Seeker Activity Sees Rise

CV-Library - Job Market Report – July 2013

Job Seeker Activity Sees Rise

UK job seeker activity is rising alongside the number of advertised jobs, according to CV-Library's July Job Market Report.

Compared to June figures, July proved to be popular among job seekers, with CV registrations (19.24%), job searches (21.85%) and job applications (38.98%) all up. Mobile usage also continued to rise, with mobile job applications up (10.22%).

These increases in job seeker activity run parallel with a rise in the number of advertised opportunities (21.30%), according to independent findings taken from the new report by the UK's leading independent online job board, CV-Library.

The report (available at, published monthly, sheds light on job seeking trends and UK employment opportunities.

For CV-Library, candidate behaviour challenged seasonal trends as July CV registrations exceeded record breaking January figures – an unheard feat, with the turn of the year annually outperforming other months.

Alongside rising employment figures (Office for National Statistics, July 2013), CV registrations have increased year-on-year during July (72.13%) and month-by-month compared to June (19.24%). This rise between June and July shows early indications of quarterly recovery during Q3 following a fall of -9.97% between Q1 and Q2. July even outperformed January by 4.74%, when CV registrations were previously at their highest.

Commenting on these findings, CV-Library's Managing Director Lee Biggins said: “It's great to see some real improvements in the UK job market for both candidates and recruiters. Receiving record breaking job applications and CV registrations in a summer month is virtually unheard of and demonstrates how many more employment opportunities there are. It will be interesting to see how the statistics compare in the following months.

“Another highlight for CV-Library is the increase in mobile traffic and engagement. The recruitment industry needs to keep an eye on these behavioural trends and ensure that we're offering job seekers what they want.”

For the second successive month, administration jobs have received the most applications per job at 63.86 while the overall average number of applications-per-job is up from 9.41 to 17.29. The monthly average number of applications made per candidate is up to 6.09.

These positive trends in job seeker activity run parallel with an overall rise in the number of advertised jobs, with July seeing more jobs (23.10%) compared to June. Every industry, except one (education, -0.96%) saw an increase. The top three, according to increase, were hospitality (73.59%), distribution (68.97%) and telecoms (43.52%). Overall, the industries with the most opportunity were engineering, IT, construction, education and sales.


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