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New Book From Finkel

New Book From Finkel

Friend of Recruitment International, Steven Finkel has published a brand new book for our industry – “My just-published 300-page book, Real Recruiting! Winning Search Strategies, will dramatically increase your production with innovative techniques and proven methods to achieve the following results...and much more!”

*Identification of Unique candidates not available to your clients or web-focused competitors.

*More qualified candidates from improved recruiting techniques.

* Hiring Authorities (not HR) who will help you complete the search quickly.

* A higher percentage of top quality Search Assignments 

* Fewer fees lost to Turndowns and Counteroffers.

This book contains completely different material than my other best selling books for our industry. The clear, detailed industry-specific techniques and strategies you'll find here will rapidly catapult your billings to record levels --  in today's market!

For complete information including a Table of Contents and review by one of our industry's most knowledgeable authorities, visit here. To order, see my siteor Amazon. Or just give me a call. 

I'm excited about this brand-new book for our industry. When you see what it will do for your billings, you will be, too!” Steve Finkel


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