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Report says 10% Indian workforce would be flexi staff by 2025

Report says 10% Indian workforce would be flexi staff by 2025

Firms increasing their flexi staff count in non-core activities, services to focus more on core activities

By 2025, about 10% of the overall workforce in India could be working in a flexible capacity through staffing company, according to Indian Staffing Federation (ISF), an apex body of flexi staffing industry in India represent around four lakh flexi staff.

The percentage share is expected to increase further to 20% by 2020 and the growth is led by the IT/ITeS industry.

K Pandia Rajan, President, ISF said, despite tough time due to economic slowdown, there has been buoyancy in flexi hiring among IT companies in India, in order to beat margin pressures, maintain lean benches and also facilitate just-in-time hiring in a highly volatile market. The firms are increasing their flexi staff count in non-core activities and services to focus more on core activities."

At the National Conclave, which recently held in Chennai, the Federation stated India’s current employable workforce is around 484 million, of which 273 million are in rural areas primarily in AgricultureSector (many of them clearly underemployed), 150 million in Services Sector, services replaced Agriculture as the dominant segment and 10% vocationally trained, Diploma Holders, Graduates, and above comprise only of the overall workforce.

The Federation stated that flexi staff contribution is expected to grow from 1.3 million (3% of organised sector) in 2012, to 10% of organised sector by 2025 and 20% by 2020.

The ISF has said Incremental Demand for Skilled Workers is lead by logistics Sector around 51 million, construction Sector 15 million, retail Sector 5 million, BFSI Sector 5 million, healthcaresector.

 4.5 million, auto Sector 2.5 million and creative Industry 0.8 million. It was further stated that the opportunity for staffing 83 million (Incremental) Skilled Workers-

required in India by 2015, demand will go up to 300 million (Incremental) - skilled workers by 2022 and PM’s National Council on Skill Development- has a target of 500 million by 2022

Considering the growth, the industry is optimistic about the future since it was felt that Skill gap between education & employment requirements need to be bridged and India to gain the ability of harnessing its manpower optimally.


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