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APSCo responds to Ed Milibands broad brush approach

APSCo responds to Ed Miliband’s & lsquo;broad brush’ approach to the recruitment profession

Responding to Ed Miliband’s comments on the recruitment sector yesterday, where he referred to: “Recruitment agencies hiring only from overseas” and “Shady gangmasters exploiting people in industries from construction to food processing”, Sam Hurley, Head of External Relations at APSCo says:

“Although we recognise the fact that there are some unscrupulous staffing companies which may exploit the use of immigrant workers, we object strongly to this stereotypical generalisation of the entire recruitment profession.”

“Yet again, Mr Miliband’s speech has highlighted his misconceptions about the recruitment sector. Certainly among our members in the professional sector hiring only from overseas is absolutely not  the case, despite the fact that we do have severe skill shortages in certain professional sectors and simply don’t have the home grown talent to address them.”

“If we are to adequately address the issues affecting the UK labour force, political parties need to stop talking in absolutes.  This broad brush approach does nothing to help those recruitment consultancies in the professional sector that are helping to drive the recovery of UK plc through employment.”


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