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APSCo responds to TUC statement on AWR

APSCo  responds to TUC statement on AWR

Responding to claims from the TUC that agency workers are not being paid equally because of the Swedish Derogation exemption, Sam Hurley, Head of External Affairs for The Association of Professional Staffing Companies ( APSCo)   says that there needs to be a clear recognition of the balance required between the commercial needs of a business and the rights of workers.

“While it is obviously important for the rights of vulnerable workers to be protected, the Swedish Derogation offers the agency worker a permanent contract of employment and pays the worker in between assignments.  The TUC actually agreed to the & lsquo;pay between assignments’ regulation as part of the deal they made with the Government and the CBI and so I am surprised that they are now complaining about it.”

We are very supportive of the way that the Government worked with all stakeholders when the regulations were first implemented. However, there is no doubt that both employers and the recruitment sector face a huge administrative burden with the regulations.   In our recent conversations with the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS), the Department has suggested  that they believe the vast majority of companies are trying to comply, and in many circumstances will be doing more than is necessary.  This is definitely APSCo’s experience with many of its members, which is why we are very pleased that BIS have asked us to present feedback from our members about their practical experience of the processes they follow in order to ensure compliance.”


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