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Former Hays Plc Director joins recruitment start-up Foosle

Former Hays Plc Director joins recruitment start-up Foosle

8 in 10  employers decide if a candidate is right for the role just 10 minutes into an interview

Time wasted interviewing unsuitable candidates one of employers’ top complaints

Foosle aims to heal recruitment woes

Alistair Rennie, formerly a senior Director at Hays Recruitment, has been announced as Managing Director of Foosle, the new recruitment platform launching today. With over 15 years’ experience in the recruitment sector, Rennie brings a wealth of knowledge to the start-up having previously held senior positions at specialist recruitment Kellan Group Plc and Spherion UK prior to Hays Plc.

Designed by recruitment industry veterans and tech specialists, Foosle aims to address some enduring pain points felt by recruiters, employers and candidates alike about the recruitment process. Despite the surfeit of new ways to connect with candidates such as online job sites and social media channels like LinkedIn it seems the frustrations felt by recruiters about the hiring process are age old.

Although the paper CV remains by far the most common method of applying for a role and shortlisting candidates, a survey of over 500 employers by YouGov shows that the majority of employers (60%) disagree that a candidate’s CV is a fair and accurate representation of what a candidate is actually like.[1] With around a third (32%) of British adults saying that stretching the truth on their own CV is acceptable practice in order to stand out and over three quarters claiming that they believe other candidates do the same, it’s clear that employers’ frustrations are not unfounded.[2]

The research showed that once candidates are shortlisted for interview the frustrations continue. While more than half of employers spend around 13 hours on the recruitment process per vacancy, a staggering 81% claimed to usually know within 10 minutes of an interview if the candidate is right for the role, resulting in many hours wasted for everyone involved.[3]

Foosle’s On Demand Interview&trade technology allows employers to set questions for candidates to respond to in timed recorded video interviews. Much like on demand TV, employers can then review these short initial interviews when they want, at the speed they want. This means that rather than creating an interview shortlist based on paper CVs and then spending time interviewing candidates that are not quite right for the role, employers can actually see candidates in action first before getting them in the door resulting in a far higher quality shortlist. 

According to the YouGov survey, the four recruitment challenges employers say they find most challenging are:

Spending time interviewing unsuitable candidates

Dealing with high volumes of CVs

The administration involved in recruitment such as setting up interviews

Lack of applications from suitable candidates[4]

Foosle aims to offer a salve to these pain points by offering employers, recruiters and candidates a superior alternative to existing job sites and social media search channels, bringing new technologies such as video interviewing and candidate profile tools under one roof for the first time. Foosle’s unique functionality and features include:

On Demand Interview&trade technology which allows recruiters and employers to review potential candidates in action, setting specific questions for selected candidates to respond to in timed recorded video interviews.  Recruiters can review the interviews in their own time, negating the need for screener calls and interviews with unsuitable candidates, saving everyone involved time.

Smart Search allows employers to filter rich candidate profiles based on unlimited and tailored criteria.

Job seekers can create a free Smart Candidate Profile&trade and enhance it with digital and social content so that recruiters get a feel for the real person behind their CV.

Foosle’s new CV Sync uses intelligent technology to instantly convert the content from a standard CV into a single candidate profile page.

Foosle’s transparent pricing means that recruiters need only purchase what features they require, allowing them to easily integrate tools such as On Demand Interview&trade technology into their existing recruitment process.

Commenting on his appointment, Rennie stated:“Recruitment is about finding and attracting the right people for a role but the process can often be depersonalised, unnecessarily drawn-out and complicated. Having witnessed the pain-points of recruitment over many years, it’s exciting to be part of developing a technically advanced yet user-friendly recruitment site that makes the process of finding and short-listing candidates a much simpler and more people-centric process. We are looking forward to building on significant demand already seen from new clients since it was launched in beta format in May of this year and establishing Foosle as a significant player in the UK recruitment industry.”

Foosle is launching with hundreds of live job opportunities at all levels across a broad range of sectors and employers including Gartner Plc, Salesforce, Knight Frank, NFU Mutual and AIA Worldwide


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