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NowWeComplys WebCheck solves a massive compliance headache

NowWeComply’s WebCheck solves a massive compliance headache for NHS and healthcare recruiters.

Leading compliance automation specialist NowWeComply has launched WebCheck, a simple app that promises to remove one of the biggest headaches for recruiters, by automatically checking candidates’ credentials against industry or professional body websites.

WebCheck promises to be a watershed in the way recruiters work. It provides a one-click automated replacement for traditional practices that are laborious, time-consuming and error-prone.

WebCheck drastically improves speed, accuracy and consistency in compliance by instantly providing the digital proof that a candidate is properly registered, and filing it on record. It enables organisations to cut costs dramatically without sacrificing quality.

According to NowWeComply’s Ben Stoneham this is especially vital in sectors where Health & Safety or people’s well-being is paramount – such as the Rail industry, Construction or NHS, Health and Social Care sector.

Up to now, recruiters have had to visit standard professional registers online, enter candidate details, review the results, then save screenshots and update their systems.

WebCheck takes care of all this from within NowWeComply, carrying out the web-checks automatically and then saving time-stamped screenshots ready for the recruiter to review and approve.

It has a bank of built-in templates to use with a host of standard online registers including the HCPC, RCVS, ARB and NMC. Users can easily add their own templates too, tailoring the app to their particular requirements.

“WebCheck makes recruiting certified professionals drastically simpler, better, faster and pain-free,” says Ben Stoneham. “It’s like taking a tablet and within minutes the nagging headache that slows you down has completely gone.”

It is one of a host of apps that can be run from within NowWeComply’s Cloud-based compliance automation service, and is priced on a simple cost-per-check basis.


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